Got A Leaf And An Apple iPhone? There’s An App For That


The Nissan Leaf battery electric vehicle is on its way, and it's bringing Apple iPhone integration with it. You'll be able to use a special app to communicate with and control some of the vehicle's features, Nissan has promised.

All Nissan Leafs will come with a cellular data radio built in. While the vehicle is at a charging station (like the one in your garage that Nissan will help you install), it'll be able to send updates to your phone, telling you where it is in the recharge cycle and when it's finished.

Before heading back to the car, customers can remotely adjust the Leaf's climate control to specify what temperature they want the cockpit to be when they climb in.

During the recharging process, power is drawn exclusively from the recharging point, thus reducing the initial burden on the car's own batteries.

The Leaf's cellular system will also be linked to its satellite navigation system. Together, they can tell you where to find the nearest charging station. Or, help you find your Leaf in the vast parking lot of the mega-mall during Christmas gift shopping. Or you can just do what everyone else does when you can’t remember where you parked the car- push the panic button repeatedly until your car horn sounds off.

That, unfortunately, is all of the electronic trickery you will be able to play with in the Leaf, at least as Nissan intended. Driving your Leaf, remotely, with your iPhone is best left to certain German university students who have far too active imaginations, and not enough study hall time on their hands.


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