Diesel vs. Hybrid – Which is More Economical?

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When walking into any car dealership these days, the word “green” seems to line the walls. But with our economy forcing individuals to penny pinch, people are looking at purchases in an economical way, rather than taking an often more expensive eco-friendly approach.But if Hybrids run on batteries rather than gasoline, doesn’t that mean they save you more money? Well, maybe not. With small diesel sedans now revealing themselves in the industry, the question of whether diesel is a more economically favorable choice than a hybrid arises.Many owners of hybrid Toyota, Lexus, and Ford vehicles state that the sticker mpg was simply exaggerated. While sticker values state upwards of 50 mpg, owners report they are actually getting low to mid 30s, which is comparable to many diesel sedans on the streets in Europe.With clean-diesel cars allowed to roam the streets of all 50 states now, automobile companies are pumping out the diesel vehicles. The new 2011 Toyota Camry Hybrid gets only 35 mpg, yet the diesel sedan that Mazda will be rolling out in 2012 will push the mid-40s in mpg.But even as gas prices continue to rise, it is questionable whether the mpg really means that much to consumers. While hybrid fuel costs can be up to approximately 75 cents for every comparable gallon, a gallon of diesel fuel is still a cheaper option than regular gasoline. While the diesel car may seem more economical in mpg and price, the hybrid still outweighs it economically. 
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