General Motors considers education a very important element in marketing the Chevrolet Volt.

People have to understand the benefits of driving on electricity for environmental, social , and economic aspects.  Learning the meaning of range anxiety and the advantage of an EREV over a pure EV is another educational objective for the automaker.

The newly minted Global Volt marketing team has in one of their early moves commissioned the creation of a dedicated Chevy Volt song which was unveiled this week.

"We created a memorable tune designed to inspire and educate consumers about the values of the Chevrolet Volt," said Dave Darovitz, Volt Communications Manager at Chevrolet.  "Its cheerful lyrics and catchy musical composition mirror the positive energy the car embodies."

The Volt song will be performed live multiple times each day during consumer days at key auto shows starting with the LA show.

Enjoy the song below along with a historical walk down Volt memory lane:

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