The car known as Trabant was a symbol of the former East Germany. Many German people have expressed their desire to see a new Trabant, and it seems that their wish might come true.


This year, at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the autobuilder IndiKar together with the German company Herpa are going to launch a new version of the Trabant. The prototype, called "Trabant nT", will have a design very similar to the traditional version, and the most important news is that it's going to be all electric. The batteries are going to be charged through the solar panels which are placed on the front hood. Unfortunately, other technical details such as maximum speed, autonomy have not been released yet.


The German company Herpa has bought all rights over the brand and, together with Indikar, they are planning to relaunch the model. The factory is set close by the old Trabant factory in Saxony. If everything goes well, the successor of the Trabant is going to be put into series production in 2012.

Written by Clain Alexandru, webmaster of Custom Cars