If this year's Detroit Auto Show taught me any one lesson, it was that every automaker is developing a line-up of electric vehicles, from plug-in hybrids to battery-electric vehicles. Every display boasted at least one new or improved electric vehicle, from the modest and somewhat dull BYD set to the Saturn VUE plug-in to the to the super-sleek and gorgeous Fisker Karma S.

Every automaker is working an an electric vehicle, it seems, with one glaring exception: Mazda. According to an interview with the Detroit News, Jim O'Sullivan, president of Mazda North America, says that Mazda has no plans to develop an electric vehicle, and will instead focus on making their sporty traditional fossil-fuel vehicles more fuel-efficient. However, Mazda is developing a gasoline-hydrogen rotary-engine hybrid, currently being tested in Japan.

It seems like a shame. If anyone could bring zoom-zoom to the EV race, it would certainly be Mazda. Look what they did for the mini-van.

Source: Detroit News, photo courtesy of Mazda