ZAP Alias Sports Car

ZAP Alias Sports Car

Marketwire is reporting today that according to electric vehicle manufacturer, Zero Air Pollution (ZAP), Ricardo Erhlich, Mayor of Montevideo, Uruguay, has approved incentives to promote the use of electric vehicles in the city.

ZAP Latin America representative, Fernando Cancela, says, "The incentives range from free parking for electric cars within Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, to no tolls on roads or bridges and no registration for three years."

In September, Erhlich agreed to reserve an acre of land in a Montevideo business park for a ZAP assembly facility which will put together Xebra brand, three-wheeled electric sedans and trucks, the ZAPPY3 scooter, and ZAP electric bicycles. Assembly of these vehicles in Uruguay would potentially make their distribution to other South American nations in MERCOSUR tax free.

Erhlich is committed to making Montevideo the electric car capital of the world. This begs the question, if Erhlich succeeds, which one of these will he drive?

Sources: Marketwire, Zero Air Pollution