Neighborhood, Hybrid and Real Electric Vehicles

People often talk about electric vehicles as if they are all the same but there are a lot of different types of electric cars and not all of them will be of interest to the individual seeking to purchase a good green car. If you don't know the difference between neighborhood electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and true electric vehicles then you're going to want to read on. Hybrid Electric Vehicles When people talk about electric vehicles, they are frequently referring to hybrid electric vehicles which are the most common type of green cars on the road today. The hybrid car utilizes an electric motor and so these can technically be called electric vehicles but they aren't full electric vehicles because they also use a standard motor. This is what gives them the ability to drive long distances on the freeway. Neighborhood Electric Vehicles In contrast to hybrid electric vehicles, neighborhood electric vehicles can not be driven fast or for long distances. Neighborhood electric vehicles are all-electric cars that must be plugged-in frequently to charge. These electric vehicles are only good for driving short distances within your neighborhood so they're great as a second car or as a car for people who don't drive much. True Electric Vehicles Real full-capacity electric vehicles combine the features of hybrid electric vehicles and neighborhood electric vehicles in the sense that they can be driven long distances before needing to be charged but they rely only on the electric motor. These electric vehicles are just starting to hit the market and are drawing a lot of curiosity from people who want green cars.

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