Star Trek Prius

Star Trek Prius

How would Star Trek's Scotty go about improving the gas mileage of a Federation Starfleet shuttlecraft? Start with a Toyota Prius, of course.

Alternatively, Willie Yee, non-fictional psychiatrist from New York, used similar logic to achieve every Star Trek fan's dream, driving a Federation shuttlecraft, courtesy of his 2007 Toyota Prius.

It all started when Yee first stepped into the cockpit of his new Prius and was immediately struck by the dashboard's spaceship-like layout. This initial finding was enough to spur Yee to take the Prius design to warp speed, outfitting it with a variety of modifications that would eventually result in a full-scale shuttlecraft replica.

As you might imagine, Willie Yee is a diehard Star Trek fan. As much obsessed with fuel efficiency as he is with Captain Kirk, Yee created a custom ride that is the culmination of these two interests. Yee started by taking his dream to a graphic designer, who cooked up some simple United Federation of Planets decals. The modification then continued with the addition of spun-alloy Moon hubcaps, aftermarket seat covers, and a set of blue under-car LED lights. He also rigged his Prius display screen to show the status of the car's phasers and warp-drive system, complete with sound effects.

Not content, Yee has more vehicle upgrades in the works. Currently in design stages are tinted windows and a custom paintjob that adheres phaser cannons to the front bumper.

Yee enjoys driving the shuttlecraft to car shows across the country and showing off his labor of love. As you can imagine, the custom Prius gets a big reaction from Star Trek fans. Still, he concedes that most of the questions he gets regarding the car are about the Prius' futuristic engine performance, which are estimated at 48 mpg city and 45 mpg highway by the EPA. He uses these opportunities to promote the importance of hybrid technology.

For those who aren't Star Trek fans, Yee's efforts may have people asking the question, "Why?" For the answer, outsiders might simply look to the famous quote coined by the opening title sequence of the decades-old Star Trek series -- "to boldly go where no man has gone before."