is one of the largest online communities for Toyota Prius enthusiasts. With more than 42,000 registered members, the website offers news, forums, research, and photos. Information, not surprisingly, is primarily in relation to the Toyota Prius. However, the site also covers the broader topic of electric and hybrid cars in general. News and info on cars such as the Chevrolet Volt and Ford Escape hybrid are also readily available.

The busiest and most popular section of the site is the Prius forum. Here, forums are logically divided into categories such as Technical Discussion; Prius and Hybrid News; Prius Modifications; and Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting. The forums are easily searchable, making it simple to find answers to previous Prius questions and discussions.

Fred's House of Pancakes is another popular forum that serves as a slush pile for anything unrelated to the Prius. In this forum, members openly discuss everything from the first car they owned to whether or not Sweden is an evil nation.

The Accessory Shop is another valuable resource for Prius owners. In this section of the website, Web users can purchase a wide variety of Prius OEM and aftermarket accessories. Performance accessories, audio accessories, and even exclusive decals are available. Prices are on par with other online automotive retailers. Forum members and sponsors receive additional discounts on items in the online shop.

A Photos section is also available, which allows proud Prius owners to upload photos of their hybrid vehicles. This is a great place for owners to come and ogle the competition, as well as gain inspiration for new customization ideas. Along with photos of their Prius, many members also upload personal photos, which allows frequent users to get better acquainted with each other.

While the entirety of the site is completely open and readable to the public, requires users to become a member if they wish to post to the boards. Registration is free and refreshingly easy. Prospective members must simply agree to a Forum Rules document and create a user name and password. Additional info can be added to the profile, such as birthday, Prius vehicle details, and location.

All in all, is a great community site for Toyota Prius owners. With the high level of activity and up-to-date news, hybrid enthusiasts would really be hard pressed to find a better outlet for all things Prius.