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1996 Toyota Camry Overview
Source: CarGurus

...The coupe came in the DX, SE and LE trim levels. The base DX version of the wagon was dropped in 1995, leaving only the LE. Available engines were a four-cylinder, 2.2 liter or a V6, 3.0 liter. Fuel economy was about 20 to 30 mpg, depending on the engine. The interior of all 1996 Camrys was well-designed, featuring comfortable seats, plenty of head and foot room, and easy to reach, logically-placed control buttons. Owners of the 1996 Camry say that the car is not much fun to drive. Except for in the SE model, the ride feels “floaty” and almost too quiet and smooth, and...

1991 Toyota Camry Professional Review

...Great idea. But why did the company bother putting the gearshift lever on the floor? Another concern: Several other readers have called, asking about recalls on late-model Toyota Camry exhaust systems. These readers complain that they have replaced the mufflers on their Camry cars and wagons several times within 50,000 miles. I know of no recalls on the matter and Toyota says they haven't received such complaints but are looking into the alleged problem. Praise: Absolutely superb craftsmanship on the test wagon. Everything fit perfectly and felt right. Kudos to Toyota for myriad common-sense...

2012 toyota camry Professional Edmunds Review
Source: Edmunds

...Toyota has made a number of small but effective changes to the redesigned 2012 Camry.
The result is that the Camry has moved back up to be a top choice for a midsize sedan.Published: 03/20/2012 What's New for 2012: The 2012 Toyota Camry is fully redesigned.
2012 Toyota Camry Video Review: Pros: Strong engines; user-friendly and high-tech electronics; comfortable and spacious backseat; top safety scores.
Cons: Numb steering and mushy handling in all models but SE; no manual transmission available...

1996 toyota camry Professional Edmunds Review
Source: Edmunds

...Trunk space is generous and the liftover height is not too imposing. Since this is a Toyota, gauges are laid out in a logical manner and all of the controls are within easy reach. High quality fabrics and supportive seating areas guarantee that a long distance ride will be comfortable. Unfortunately for the Camry, exterior styling doesn't match up to its comfortable interior. Despite a minor facelift in 1995, the Camry hasn't undergone any real change since its overhaul in '92. This doesn't mean that the Camry is exactly ugly, just that it is beginning to look a little dowdy next to its...

1992 toyota camry Professional Edmunds Review
Source: Edmunds

...Published: 10/02/1992 Updated: 10/02/2009 What's New for 1992: Redesign nets a driver airbag, larger engines, more interior volume and a sporty SE model.
All-Trac has been dropped. ABS is optional across all trim levels and body styles...

1993 Toyota Camry Professional Review

...And the independent suspension system keeps the car under control in a predictable manner. Road noise? It's non-existent. Bumps? Only the violent jarrings of uneven dirt roads or those caused by deep potholes find their way to the driver. For some motorists, part of the joy of driving is the interaction among the car, the road and the driver. The Camry removes all that and reduces driving to little more than simple reflex actions. To put it simply, driving the Camry wagon is no more enjoyable than steering a vacuum cleaner around living room furniture. FIT AND FINISH I believe Toyota vehicles...

1990 Toyota Camry Professional Review

...Anti-lock brakes are available, but the test car did not have the system. Nevertheless, the test car's four-wheel disc brakes did a fine job of slowing the car. One minor annoyance involved the rubber pad on the brake pedal: It popped off twice. Fit, finish This is where the Camry must win an awful lot of hearts. Every switch, button, knob and control is positioned so that the driver is not distracted when using them. After a day or so, I learned the layout of the controls and didn't need to take my eyes off the road to engage cruise control or change radio stations. The Camry LE is loaded...

1992 Toyota Camry Professional Review

...Most bumps are easily absorbed by the suspension. Those that aren't are merely nuisances because the car is so well insulated. The XLE features four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes. They are ideally matched to the car. Though not overpowering, they stop the car quic kly and in a straight line. FIT, FINISH, CONTROL Toyota's recipe for success is this: Make it quiet, make it comfortable and build it right. You realize this when you take a look at how the car is put together. The new Camry is a soothing pleasure to drive because Toyota used some of the noise-and vibration-reducing technology...

2012 Toyota Camry Professional Review

...The outgoing Camry employed run-of-the-mill Michelin Energy MXV4s. Where they stuck, the Energy Savers stray. Worst of all, I observed this after hours of moderate driving with temperatures in the 80s. On a blustery winter day, I fear the Energy Savers would fare even worse. The Camry XLE and four-cylinder SE wear 17-inch Michelin Primacy MXV4s. They, too, lack much grip. The V-6 SE has 18s and Michelin Primacy MXM4s , which — finally! — play nice. They suit the SE, which improves on its discordant predecessor. The last SE handled too poorly to justify its choppy ride. I drove the...

1991 toyota camry Professional Edmunds Review
Source: Edmunds

...Published: 10/02/1991 Updated: 10/02/2009 What's New for 1991: No changes...

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