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The Honda Insight, the original hybrid vehicle to hit the roads years ago is all new, but is it much improved.

The previous Insight had its problems, marred by a stiff ride, pronounced road noise, and only two seats just to name a few.  But back then Honda was entering new waters.  Now hybrids are commonplace and surely you can't go wrong with a Honda.  Or can you?

Initial reviews of the new Honda Insight are in and many reviewers don't take too favorably to the new car.  Over at the Detroit Free Press, car reviewer Mark Phelan had a chance to drive the vehicle and present his thoughts, and the review is to say the least, negative.

Phelan gives the Insight only 2 out of 4 stars, resulting in a "competent" rating and far below Honda's average of 4 stars by Phelan.  So what gives?  What has Honda done wrong?

Price cutting has been referred to by many as the problem with the Insight.  In order to keep prices low, Honda cut back in many areas and this has hurt the overall vehicle review.  According to Phelan, furthering the problem with the Insight is the lack of mpg's.  It simply doesn't live up to its numbers and doesn't live up to other dedicated hybrids on the road today.

According to the reviewer, the new Insight's biggest drawback would be its poor fuel economy numbers for a hybrid.  As Phelan said, "In fact, the new Insight doesn't even match the fuel economy of Honda's own bigger and more powerful Civic hybrid.  The cars mechanical systems including its hybrid powertrain are significantly different and some would say less advanced than the Prius.

He goes on to state many other negative about the vehicle including several that can be linked to the cost cutting measures taken on the car.  As Phelan states,  "Limited power and a spacious but threadbare interior further weaken the Insight's appeal, despite sporty handling and the lowest price tag of any hybrid on the market."

Not all is bad though.  As Phelan notes the high points of price, hybrid looks and interior space as reason to buy the vehicle, but again concludes that its shortcomings including lack of power, interior fit, and poor fuel economy for a hybrid results in the low 2 star overall ratng.

As additional reviews of the new Insight crop up, we will surely bring you more insightful information about the new hybrid from Honda.

Source:  Detroit Free Press

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  1. I easilly exceed the rated MPG in my new Honda Insight. Getting 53 mpg on 40 mile round trip commute 1/2 highway 1/2 city driving over the limit. Not even using the econ mode & had AC on every afternoon. Only on short trips from cold start does this car not meet the estimates. People should test drive for their own driving styles and needs to determine mpg. Lastly I would note that the cheapness of this hybrid is pretty much the point. It is still nicely equipped anyways.

  2. I HAVE an Insight and I LOVE it!!!!!! I also have a Chrysler Sebring and I wish I could get rid of it and get another Insight.

  3. Don, I get 53.2 miles with my Insight. I bet ya.

  4. forget the insight, the Prius is hands down a better hybrid

  5. Of course the Prius is better. Faster, more efficient, etc. But you PAY more for that. ($7,000 more in Canada). The new Insight was designed to be cheap, so the masses could afford a hybrid. Why does everyone keep missing the point? Regardless, neither can compare with the 1st gen Insight.

  6. Im getting 45 mpg manually estimated. I love my hypbrid. Much cheaper then the pruis.

  7. Hybrid cars for sale are becoming one of the most exspensive cars to buy but then the car to save you money in the long run. But are we investing in a car that will be over taken by another source that is eco friendly and cost us a large amount of money once again to upgrade.

  8. 2010 Honda Insight is a great improvement from the old model. In September 2006, Honda stopped making the old Honda Insight, a teardrop-shaped two-seater that has been loved by many owners happy, but also seen as unrealistic by mainstream consumers.

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