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..."LOVE this car! It's great to haul kids and stuff--very roomy and gets great gas mileage (unlike my previous SUV, a Volvo).
I love not being a slave to high gas prices, but managing to have enough room to take my two boys, their friends, and our two dogs to the lake and back!...

Inverter Problems
Source: Edmunds

...This car has very expensive inverter problems. Cost to repair Hybrid inverter system as of June 21, 2011 $9325.00 + Tax Toyota does not fix this and have a class action suit against them at this time.
If you are going green this green will be coming out of your billfold.
The 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Vehicle (Highlander HV) was Toyotas first generation of gasoline-electric hybrid versions of the Highlander sold in the U.S.
A central component of the Highlander HV is the electrical inverter assembly, which changes the DC current from the vehicles battery into AC current that...

I love this car!!!!

...the car handles well, I am getting great mileage and already paying so much less in gas than I did with the Volvo wagon that I am so happy.I am wondering how the car will hold up in the snow once winter arrives, but so far it has done quite well in heavy rain so that has worked out well (the Volvo slid and fishtailed even in rain, forget the snow!).My children love the third row of seats and I appreciate that it is so easy to fold the seats up and down, as well as to replace the middle section of the second row.My only complaint so far is that the rear door doesn't always close right away. I...

BEST MPG 7-Passenger SUV - Exactly What I Wanted

..."After months of searching for the perfect 7- Passenger SUV, I found exactly what I was looking for in the 2011 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited...

Should have made this purchase two years ago

..."The Toyota Highlander Hybrid is perfect for our growing family.
It's easy to maneuver and zips through traffic effortlessly.
Getting the best gas mileage is dependent on keeping your acceleration speed within the recommended indicator lights.
The ride is smooth and quiet, and the Highlander is great for quick trips to the store or long rides to grandma's house. Our whole family loves it."...

2011 Highlander Hybrid
Source: Edmunds

...We previously owned a 2003 Honda Ody and were happy with it.
Downside was that 90% of the time we only needed 4 seats- and half the time just the driver's!
Nice to be able to haul stuff, great for vacations, but rising fuel costs a concern.
We wanted to keep the 3 row flexibility in our next vehicle, improve fuel economy, and perhaps get something that was not over 200+ inches, making it a tight squeeze in the garage.
The Highlander Hybrid hit these major features and more...

great suv

...could get more in econo mode but the vehicle feels less responsive to throttle wich makes sense..less gas..but you have to constantly monitor the fuel consumption monitor..if you do you can get closer to 27mpg in mixed driving..power liftgate is great when juggling items..only draw back i found was winter driving...very poor in dep snow..rear wheels rarely engaged when trying to get out of deep or moderate piles of snow..once you're up and going it handles pretty well..very nice package just wished it performed better in winter living in the northeast.."...

Wonderful vehicle for our family
Source: Edmunds

...We traded in our '10 Highlander Hybrid for an '11, and despite having friends think we were crazy, we are delighted with the improvements.
The mileage is truly 28 plus, and the vehicle feels easier to drive.
The interior is much improved, though still some features that look cheap.
The nav and back up camera are much improved, and the split row in the third seat is great for us.
The sound system sounds better too! The ride is smooth and quiet, and our kids are very comfortable in the midsection.
We love this vehicle, more than the first one, and find it to be great on...

4x4 Hybrid for 7
Source: MSN Autos

...I was driving a 2001 Suburban and did not like the 13MPG combined. I am getting 25+ MPG so far and it seems to be getting better on each fill up. If you want to pass someone on the highway, this is a rocket ship. The acceleration is awesome. We have 3 kids and an occasional friend or two so the 3 row seats are a plus. The split rear seats are helpful. We went for the Limited so it has the awesome Nav, heated leather, BlueTooth, voice commands, sunroof, etc... Great car. Cons: Hybrid Limited was spendy, but with gas prices rising, wanting 7 passenger seating, needing 4x4 (we live in snow...

Highlander Hybrid Limited

..."Good handling, great design, exceptional performance, Toyota excellene for paint, finish, interior.
The MPG is about 23-4. If you are looking for performance in your SUV this is the vehicle.
You really cannot buy it for high gas mileage. It has the best of both worlds . It seems like overkill to have 4 wheel drive. FWD would improve the mileage and performance."...

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