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Love my '11 Corolla

...Once we got it home, I looked at the reviews and was surprised at all the negativity. I just wanted a car to get me from point A to point B. My only complaints about the car is that it only has a 4 speed auto tranny when every thing else seems to have 5's and 6's. The position of the clock could have been higher and I would have liked a rear seat fold down center console. Everything else has been fantastic. MPG is decent between 35 and 37. I drive about 500 miles a week, mostly freeway. I've had it for 2 months and already have 6500 miles on it. I also got the extended 5 year 120,000 bumper...

Good car

..."first i had 2001 nissan sentra auto, then 99 solara auto,
and decided to buy a stick shift, and got this car,
this car is the best so far, plus its a stick shift,
I like how you leave all those bmw's tl's n all that stuff behind when u move it from its place,
very very easy to do manuevers and it is very reliable, and cheap to maintain, good for college students"...

I Used It For Fun
Source: CarGurus

...It has best perform It has last model of braking I used to go to every place i visit by it it is very useful for me and my family i enjoy very much while i drive it it is very expenive...

2011 Corolla S (New) Solid Car
Source: Edmunds

...2011 Corolla S w/o sunroof Purchased new: $17,500 exclude TTL.
(Sticker: $20,120) This is a very smooth riding car for this class and seems very solidly built.
This car rides like a Camry on smooth roads but the short wheel base gets a bit unsettled over uneven pavement and it crashes over rough patches and potholes somewhat.
The powertrain also runs very smoothly and acceleration is adequate. All in all the best value in the class...

My 2000 Corolla still kicking butt at 151,000 miles
Source: Edmunds

...!) for 4,300 and although that price may be high, I didn't leave the lot with the car until I comfortable that it was in great running condition. And it was, and still is. Stupid check engine light was on when I bought it, but ignored it. Had autozone check it,P0171 bank 1 fuel mixture too lean(rough idle is all I noticed). So I bought 2 new bosch o2 sensors(pre and post catalytic), a bosch fuel pump, 2 rear Monroe econo matic quik struts, new bosch spark plugs, stp air filter, oil change(bosch oil filter), didn't need anyone of these parts but I got them anyways. Runs perfect, not a single...

Great First Car

..."I bought our 1998 Corolla used for my 17 year old - it's a great first car. It was easy to handle and reliable."...

Love my Camry

...the L model, than the highest level of Corolla. It was really just an afterthought that I asked the salesman for a test drive of the Camry. I believe that most people will buy the Camry if they have a test drive. It's so quiet and smooth--and since I do a lot of highway driving, I like that it's bigger than the Corolla. My L came with the same safety features as the XLE, Bluetooth, USB port for iPod; and mine also came with remote keyless entry and floor mats (the salesman explained that the dealer chooses those options for all of their cars)...I'm very, very happy!"...

best for the money

..."I bought my 94 5speed with 205,843 on it. It runs like the day it was built.
I am currently getting 34 mpg between city and highway driving ( not to shabby ) it has plenty of power and rides nice. I would recomend this car to anyone under 6 ft tall ( lolol )"...

It Just Won't Die
Source: Edmunds

...This is a really good car. 12 years, it's still going pretty great.
My mom's trying to get two more years out of it, which WILL happen, before she gets a new one.
If you're looking for a reliable car for many years from now, this car is for you.
No major breakdowns, except the "check engine" light has been going off. The mechanic says it's because a wire keeps getting bumped. For the love of pete...

Now this is a Toyota
Source: Edmunds

...I got this car used from my cousin. It had been in two different accidents and was still going strong.
This model of Toyota could not be killed. Everything worked, motor sang like a sewing machine and looked very neat and clean. The only thing I didn't like was the size of the inside...

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