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Great sports car
Source: Edmunds

...Really great car, shockingly so. It's a very comfortable 4 door sedan, decent headroom, comfortable, usable seats, both front and rear, smooth and quiet ride, nice interior.
At the same time, it has absolutely unreal, incredible sports car handling.
The only car I've ever driven that handled the road as well as the Panamera was a 360 Modena.
But that was a very noisy 2 seater, you could feel every bump on the road, difficult to get in an out of, etc.
Amazing, they basically took a Ferrari and made it pleasant to drive, with virtually no degradation in performance...

The Panamera
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Beautiful styling, interior, and wow affect. I have never owned a car that garners such attention....people don't just slow down to see the car,
they roll down their windows and ask "what is it" it is beautiful....or "gosh I have never seen a sexier car
." Cons: The back-up camera should come standard. Routine Maintenance cost are expensive, about 40% more than my Mercedes.
Overall: What a great car...I use my mercedes to commute about 3 days a week....on the other 2 days I drive the Panamera, and I find myself taking the long way to and from work each day...

Sports & Comfort in one Package!

..."There are only three TRUE 4 door sports cars in the market.
Porsche, Aston Martin & Maserati. Aston Martin is over priced, Maserati is blah - but Panamera is the perfect combination of Porsche & Luxury."...

Love Driving my Porsche

..."I researched cars for over a year. The Panamera was one of the first cars I tested.
I then looked at Mercedes and a bunch of other cars and came back to the Panamera. I put my kids in the back, I drive it every day, I got the Panamera 4, so I can drive it in the snow if needed...


..."Very Expensive to buy, more expensive to maintain.Previous 911 Owner, previous Boxter S owner.
Yhis is a big car! 8 Cylinder power adequate to good.
All wheel drive exceptional. Interior - like flying your very own private Gulfstream. A far cry from the 928 iterations of the past. Luxurious and quiet. A joy to drive!"...

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