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Practicality Meets Versatility
Source: comfortable it is, how much I can see from the raised sitting position, and basically how much value I get for the money. I have the moons and toons package, meaning powerful sound system and sunroof, which makes driving in the city pleasurable. The gas mileage is also strong, and although pickup isn't what it would be in a car with more horsepower, it does fine for my sometimes aggressive driving. One of the best things about it is how easy it is to park in tight spaces. My last car was a Honda Prelude, and the Vibe is much easier to maneuver into position. The doors open wide, the hatch...

I Would Get The Newer One If Your Gonna Get One.
Source: CarGurus

...I put a touch screen in ittt and it drives pretty nice i would say. I have to put 20 more words. Its pretty fun to drive i would say, its alright. Its a good first car at least haha :)...

not perfect but really good

..."Three problems: a surplus bolt rattling around under the passenger side floor,
front passenger door pull cup had retainer screw torqed all the way through the bottom of the cup, total electrical failure while driving (2 times), but self restored within minutes.
dealer unable to diagnose. gas mileage has been 29 to 34, depending on length of trip on an interstate. Fun car to drive, sits easy, very responsive to inputs, good luggge space and tie-downs."...

It's nice but very ROUGH riding car!

..."I have had my vibe for 2 years now and I really do love it, but it rides so ROUGH
!!! I don't like the tires that are on it. The tires have lots of tread left but slide in the rain/stones, because they are so hard."...

A great car

..."I bought my Vibe new in 9/11/06 and I've enjoyed every minute I've had in it.
Very good gas mileage, around 30 per; a fun car to drive. I'm looking forward to driving it on a long road trip in 2013."...

2007 Pontiac Vibe
Source: CarGurus

...Great car,very roomy for a compact. The sound system is pretty good for a factory installed one, it came with a sub...

I Absolutely Love My Vibe Sport!
Source: CarGurus

...This is a great car! It's very sporty and fun to drive and gets awesome gas mileage. I love how it looks on the outside and I've had no problems with my Vibe Sport at any time. I love it!...

Amazing Little Car
Source: CarGurus

...amazing gas milage, though i find there's not enough leg room.
no guts off the line but lots of staying power. Ove the fact that it's fully loaded but it cost me.
The sound system makes it fun to drive but it's a bit difficult to figure out what all the symbols mean...

YES!!!! It's a very reliable car!!!!

...""GREAT LITTLE SPORTS WAGON"I could go on about this car for a good while, but I think I've said all I need to say. Try it, you'll like it !!!!!"...

Pretty good but still some significant problems.

..."I am not happy with the often reocurring "gulp" in the acceleration, which the mechanical department at the selling dealer would not acknowlege the obvious existence of.
Furthermore, I have never gotten sustained mileage with my Vibe (like what the MSRP states, within a specific range).
In the summertime it often tops out at 27 mpg, but as soon as the weather grows colder ~32F or lower, it drops to only 17-19 mpg (combo).
Also, my "fog" lights rattle excessively no matter how often tightening is tried by a qualified mechanic."...

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