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We have scoured the web for consumer reviews of this car and found the best ones for you to read. Found 40 reviews. This list is displayed in ranked order based the reviews we think are the best.
Great small SUV
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: What a great small SUV. The fit and finish are first class.
The V-6 has lots of pep. Plus, it's made in USA Cons: The controls on the steering wheel are a little small. It takes a little getting use to them Overall: I would buy it again...

The Best of Both Worlds - Styling & Handling
Source: MSN Autos

...It has a very nice interior, nice height, easy entry, ok gas economy (20 mpg, thus far), agility, acceleration (v6), cabin size (interior - not too snug & not too big), body styling and good pricing. Cons: There are two improvements that I think would give the Mariner a 10 vs. a 9 rating:(1.)lower wind noise on hwy (not bad, but could be better) and steering wheel mounted-controls. I think it would be more user-friendly with redundant controls mounted on the steering wheel. Other than that, I'm loving my Mariner. Overall: I recommend the Mariner for anyone looking for reasonable pricing...

Top value small SUV
Source: MSN Autos

...Cons: Engine noise when under load, wind noise (but only when the weather is windy), wish it had a telescoping steering wheel available, SYNC system has been problematic with phone link-up (Ford is constantly making updates) and cabin noises being transmitted (one update has relocated built-in microphone). Overall: This is my first ever non-sedan vehicle. When it came time to buy my wife a new vehicle, she kept steering me toward the Mariner simply because she likes the way it looks. Despite the fact that I was a Mercury salesman (and thus could get a decent discount), I spent a year...

Source: Edmunds

...Just bought the vehicle and got an incredible deal. Not as comfortable as I would like. Great mileage, some wind noise. Wished the seat went further back...

Better car then most

...It slides a little where I used to do 360s with an old 4x4 jeep. The 6speed transmission gives a lite jerk which is supposed to be normal, but still weird from a new car. Had a CV seal go out with only 23K miles on it. warranty covered it but still mad about oil everywhere. I have some speaker problem (a wire) because the speaker sound gets distorted then will work fine. Took it in and ford replaced speaker but still cuts in and out.LOVE heated seats, feels so good on lower bad backs. That little engine heats up quickly even in winter. Dont like the blind spots that crossovers have. But...

Crazy about my mercury
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: comfort, size and looks Cons: nothing yet.. Overall: It has been a joy to drive.
I have always owned a car, this is my first SUV and I am sure I made the right decision in purchasing this vehicle. Perfect size and amazing comfort...

Best ever
Source: Edmunds

...We couldn't be happier with our purchase! bought it with 47,000 miles on it, and it preforms like new. enormous amount of room for being a small SUV. handles better than our ford focus we replaced for this. We plan to buy another Mariner (2010) when its time to say goodbye to our 05'. This SUV has all the options I could ask for and more! leather, power window, locks, seats, mirrors, heated seats, mirrors, roof mount for garage door opener & glasses, very bright visor light (great for reading & night), auto adjust rear view mirror, auto headlights, etc. This is so far the best vehicle I have...

Happy Mariner Owner
Source: Edmunds

...We've been happy with our Mercury Mariner Premier. We bought it used in 08 with 9000 miles on it.
It has been very reliable! No maintenance or repair issues.
It's perfect to haul our two small children around.
The only complaint we ever had was how LOUD the stock Continental tires were.
We replaced them with General Grabber HTS tires and it significantly improved the ride quailty.
If you have a Mariner, Escape or Tribute, do yourself a favor and dump the stock Continitental Tires as soon as you can!...

Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: From the beautiful exterior, great lines, and functionality, to the gorgeous taupe leather interior and tasteful accents, this is the nicest vehicle I have owned in many years.
I can find no fault, and the price is amazing. I love driving my Mariner and it is great on long trips.
Seats and drive position are near perfect. Too bad Ford has decided to discontinue the Mercury line.
I am glad I got this one before that happened. My fuel economy is also superb, at an average of about 27 mpg, and 32 on the highway.
My four-banger has more than enough spunk and passing...


...They kept it for two days and explained they could not find the cause of the vibration and if it continues bring the car back. January 5, 2011 took the car into a different dealership; they claim it was the motor mounts. Claims the problem was resolved. January 7, 2011 called and explained the problem was still there. Took the back in, now I we are told that the car has a characteristic of vibration in the steering-wheel and antenna. Claims it is a characteristic of this car and like cars (Ford Escape). So now we have to deal with the vibration in the car. Yes we contacted Ford Motor and they...

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