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We have scoured the web for consumer reviews of this car and found the best ones for you to read. Found 40 reviews. This list is displayed in ranked order based the reviews we think are the best.
Best Vehicle
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Shape, Milage, Capicity, Cons: It is good and not problamatic. Overall: It is good car and i should recommend it for everyone...

Love our new Mariner!
Source: Edmunds

...My wife and I just purchased an off lease 2009 Mariner Premier with V6 and everything except navigation.
So far, we are thrilled with the car. It replaces a Honda Civic that was totaled.
We have a baby coming in 4 months, and we were shopping Mariners anyway for more space.
What you get for the price, in a manageable size, in such a nice looking vehicle really sealed the deal for us.
Some of the "newer" designs were more expensive and did not offer as many features.
We feel we got a very nice vehicle with lots of options in a nice package that we'll still have a very...

Best SUV for the money.
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Small on the outside, roomy on the inside. Have had it only for a month.
Last trip about 200 miles got 30.5 mpg. Rides very good. Cons: Roof rack makes washing & waxing a little harder. Overall: Mercury and Ford have their act together, good vehicle...

...crazy 'bout my Mercury
Source: Edmunds

...We chose the Mariner because of the refinement and class that it has. This is more upscale than the Ford Escape and Mazda Tribute. There are also far fewer Mariners out there for now. The quality exceeds our expectations. Handleing and performance are exceptional as well. The fit and finish are excellent too. I am a tall big guy and I fit in the Mariner with ease and am very comfortable. There is also plenty of back seat leg and head room. Great lighting from headlights and fog/driving lights. The ride is smooth and responsive...

Not a Mountaineer
Source: Edmunds

...I got this vehicle after driving a Mountaineer for 6 years.
The Mariner was a little disappointing-comparitvely speaking.
I got a great deal on it however. Gas mileage is OK, comfort is OK, but the drive is noisey at best.
And, while I did get the 'flex fuel' model, there is no flex fuel to be found in my area of the country - what is the point?...

Transmission was bad...
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: I love the way the Mariner looks and I love the size of it - you get SUV performance, without having a huge vehicle.
Cons: The transmission went out completely at 8 months/10,000 miles and had to be replaced.
It was covered by warranty, but I was still without a car for almost two weeks.
The reason I bought a new car in the first place was so I wouldn't have to worry about breaking down (I ended up stranded at Walmart) or being without a vehicle.
Now I'm worried about what else is going to be defective.
Overall: Overall, I really do like the Mariner - I'm just...

Love It
Source: Edmunds

...After 10 yrs with a mini-van I did not want to move down to a car or up to a large SUV.
Then I saw the Mercury Mariner. I love the looks inside and out, the solid color and chrome add a nice touch, no black molding to worry about.
Handles great and picks up speed nicely. The Mariner was in the right price range for me. So far so good...

Watch out for leak
Source: Edmunds

...Purchased mariner 4 months ago. Ran great then noticed fluid leaking from transmission coolant.
Knew the Escape had this problem so i purchased the mariner. Good thing SUV still under warranty at 33,000 mi...

Great little truck
Source: MSN Autos

...this is my second Mariner, previously owned a 2008 Mariner. They've tightened up the steering, increased the horsepower and added SYNC. Cons: Needs entry and exit grab handles for the rear passengers. Overall: I've been getting 22.5 miles per gallon on the 2010 Premier V6 AWD. My 2008 Premier V6 AWD got only 19.5 miles per gallon with 40 less horsepower. I guess the difference is the new 6 speed automatic compared to the 4 speed automatic in the 2008. I expect the 2010 to be as trouble free as the 2008...

rear differential
Source: Edmunds 3 vehicles all mercury' 2006 mariner has by far been the worst lease in last 10 years.after rotating tires
,then purchasing 4 new ones,still road as if i had snow tires .sound was loud u couldn't have conversation.
rear differential was replaced under warranty. 15 miles out of service dept rear fell out -almost got killed after swerving into oncomming traffic. lets see if ford reads these reviews!...

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