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Great Vehicle

..."Some might consider me crazy, but this is my third GL class (previous models were the 2008 and 2009 model years).
This car, by far, is amazing and stylish. Definetely a head turner and is the perfect family SUV.
The rear seat entertainment is a must and the LED tail lights are stunning, especially at night.
Interior legroom is phenomenal and so is the overall comfort.
I have the GL350 BlueTec and I am averaging 25 mpg average. My only concern is the high maintenance costs, but they should not be a problem since I will not need to spend so much money on gas. :)"...

brake issue
Source: Edmunds

...In May 2009, daughter drove the car and commented on the brakes not stopping when pressed immediately. Took car through a car wash and on the way home, brakes failed at a traffic light and I hit a car on the left side bumper and taillight. I have been driving 55 years and have never had an accident. Mercedes Benz of Knoxville said they knew of no brake problems and would have Mercedes USA look into the matter. It took 40 days to get my car repaired and cost me $900 additional in rental car expenses. Told Mercedes of Knoxville that I liked the car, but was afraid to drive it. Said they would...

Great SUV
Source: Edmunds

...Replaced my Acura MDX with this Mercedes. Drives nearly like a sedan.
Very composed and solid ride. Does not feel large at all.
Interior finish is well done. The AWD feels secure on snowy and wet roads. system is more intuitive in my old Acura. Overall, happy with the vehicle so far...

Great Drive
Source: Edmunds

...Purchased 2010 this in November and love everything about this car.
This does not drive like a large SUV. It's definitely an improvement our ML (2002).
Ride is quiet and interior is well appointed. Need to get used to the Navi- so far I prefer my Garmin- although just one button and the Navi turns on and appears on a large display.
Need to do something about the rear seat entrance. Sliding seats would be great as the other reviewer indicated...

I love it!
Source: Edmunds

...I sold my Acura, I got this GL550, I have to say I love it!
I only miss the Navigation from my MDX, it is more powerful and intuitive.
I love the ride, I am surprise it feels like a sedan car, even when I tested it at 100 mph..
NICE Enough space in the third row for adults, great features, great ride..and other people comment on how beautiful it is...

Absolutely LOVE my Benz
Source: Edmunds

...After six months of agonizing research, price comparisons and test drives on three cars; the Toyota Highlander,
the Nissan Murano and the Mercedes Benz GLK 350, I finally chose the biggest bang for my buck and in doing so made the best decision of my life.
I chose the Mercedes Benz GLK 350. My little tank drives like a race car and rides like a luxury SUV.
The GLK is solid-built, luxurious and quality-filled.
I would recommend to everyone who asks. Love all the looks, thumbs up and second takes my Benz gets too.
It's an absolute beautiful car with a sporty look. The...

From a C to a G -GLK that is!
Source: Edmunds

...It took me months to make up my mind. I should mention the criteria for choosing this car. Size, Speed, Comfort, Visibility,road noise, interior noise and I would be lying if I didn't say status. I came from a C280, so the controls were all placed in a familiar location. The ride is smooth and quick to handle. I should also mention I sold my VW Toureg. That VW handled the road beautifully but it was too big for my size (f 5'6" 140 lbs.) also every-time I turned around the battery went dead or the tire pressure warning would appear on the dash! So I wanted 1 vehicle to do all that and handle...

Quality car!
Source: Edmunds

...We bought our GLK 4Matic in July, 2009. I love the way it handles, good quality ride, quiet and comfortable as you would expect with Mercedes Benz.
Fuel economy in town with the AC on is about 18 mpg, but we knew that when we purchased the car.
The power lift gate is definitely worth it. Leather should be included.We purchased the sport pkg., the multi-media package and the nav.
Very happy with all these features. This little suv is a sure "head turner"!...

Wow-Get one before they raise the price
Source: Edmunds

...I had to get out of Dodge quickly and I packed the kids, dog, etc. into the new Merc. I was thrilled with the vault-like stability and the "hewn from a block of granite" feel. Features are terrific. The voice- activated "COMMAND" system is the best I've experienced. This thing makes my Range Rover almost obsolete.(almost) Years of trauma surgery makes me want to have my family in a tank, and the GLK feels like exactly that. Bonus- this thing handles better than the CLK CAB that I traded for--and worlds more practical. The fact that the GLK is assembled in Bremen is readily apparent. After...

Source: Edmunds

...The best looking, full of fun features and comfort I have ever seen in a vehicle...

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