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Buy A Miata
Source: CarGurus

...Very fun to drive and fuel efficient. Exceptional handling and feel.
Reasonably quick. Inexpensive to repair. Nicely weighted steering with good feedback. 4 wheel disc brakes and 4 wheel double wishbone suspension make for excellent handling. Buy a miata. OK?...

Fun To Drive
Source: CarGurus

...just drive with top down always and have fun going in and out corners being powerless makes it a safer rwd to drive too add a rollbar if possible...

Fun In The Sun
Source: CarGurus

...Performance ~ stock 4 cylinder manual tranny with quick acceleration and braking Build Quality ~ Built to last Appearance ~ Not a big fan of the pop up lights, but several mods are available for this.
Cost of Ownership ~ Averages 30mpg and requires little maintenance to run perfectly Fun Factor ~ Definitely!...

92' Mazda Miata W/ Greddy Td40h-15g Turbo
Source: CarGurus

...It has a GReddy turbo(15Gturbine td40h compressor), no ic, vortech 12:1 FMU, Racing plug wires, home made boost control, crappy stock GReddy BOV, fidanza 8lb. flywheel, 6 puck Spec stage 3 carbon metallic clutch. It's running 8lbs. boost, at least that's the maximum I read on the boost gauge at full throttle. performance (mine w/ Turbo): Quick revs, acceleration(like a motor cycle, except not nearly as fast) 14.5 1/4 mile Takes Corners at 40mph easily (note: don't apply gas or you'll spin out like me) Quality: For being 16 years old, it's reliable, few problems, maybe convertible is leaking...

It´s Fun
Source: CarGurus

...I like that it´s cheap to run, very reliable and very fun to drive, it´s got everything you need on it, but still it needs to be just that bit more practical and fast. It handles very well...

Me Oughta
Source: CarGurus

...Great blance, slow stock, but cheap and easy to get more than you ever could handle.
If you like to go off for a drive thru all kinds of roads, this car will thrill youtono end. Light, agile, and fun...

Source: CarGurus

...the most reliable and fun car that I have owned and still own,
the car has a large[enormous ]following of varied clubs with a wide and diverse vocations at 79 years old this will probably be our last year of Miata touring.
p/s over the years I have added and installed many customand performance features to satisfy my ego...

Great little car

..."The Mazda Miata comes as advertised. It's a great little car for a single individual or a couple.
Space in the cockpit is limited, but that's also as advertised. It's the most fun car I've owned since my Corvette back in the days befor my kids & grandkids."...

The Start Of Something Good
Source: CarGurus

...Nicknamed Buffy (the Volvo Slayer) after many reliable Swedish tanks, the MX5 changed my life.
I loved driving it, met great people with it, had top holidays driving it about, just a great fun car to have...

Fantastic Sports Car Without All The Stuff They Put On Cars Now. Not Needed In A Sports Car.
Source: CarGurus

...Although it didn't have much power the combination of handling, braking and shifting made it a ball to drive. You could wail to the redline and not be breaking the law too much. Over 16 years it required nothing beyond the usual maintenance items. Its sole problems were a squeaky window and a rattle. Both were repaired in the first month. The structure was somewhat flexible but who cared. With a Borla exhaust the sound was wonderful and it made the radio unnecessary. If I had the room I would have kept it but it was time to move on...

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