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Great For City Or Highway Jaunts Of Weeving In And Out Of Traffic
Source: CarGurus

...stop and turn like a beast, no super slow in a straight line but quick if u dont have 200k miles.
has needed no mechanical repairs. just a little body or interior stuff. cheap to own, cheap to drive. defintion of rice. goes sideways pretty easy. most fun car ive ever owned, i have 2 na models...

An Everyday Drivers Car
Source: CarGurus

...It may not be the fastest, it may not be the largest,
it may not be the roomiest or spacious, it may not be exclusive, it may not be flashy, it may not have enough cup holders, but you can be for damn sure, it's the best car I've ever owned.
I will never give it up!...

Fun To Drive
Source: CarGurus

...just drive with top down always and have fun going in and out corners being powerless makes it a safer rwd to drive too add a rollbar if possible...

Great little car

..."The Mazda Miata comes as advertised. It's a great little car for a single individual or a couple.
Space in the cockpit is limited, but that's also as advertised. It's the most fun car I've owned since my Corvette back in the days befor my kids & grandkids."...

Rev Happy Fun
Source: CarGurus

...Such a fun car. Owned it for almost 8 years. It broke but that was probably due to heavy abuse.
It left me stranded once when the belts decided to shred 2 hours from home but equipped with a 10mm and 13mm wrench it was fixed easily with a stop at an auto parts store...

Just Can't Help Sliding The Back End Every Time... Makes Me Feel Young Again!
Source: CarGurus

...Yeah, yeah, I'm going to get a ribbing for owning up to having one of these.
But let me tell you, when you hit your mid thirty's and want a little bit of fun,
you have to remember that 'The Wife' will dictate that if you can afford to waste your money on a toy car you must 'waste' an equal amount on her.
As I dislike wasting money on my wife, here lies the solution...

Great For A Sunny Day!
Source: CarGurus

...This was a great, but not very practical car. It had to go once we had kid #2...

Fun Race Car

..."Inexpensive way to enter the sport of racing. Easy to work on, lots of upgrades, good fun with the car club!"...

Source: CarGurus very quick good lookin got sports evrything bit
of a bumpy ride flash motoe good grip on the road when goig round corners quicker thn normal 1.8 lite engines brilliant handling interor leatehr with speakers in the head rest...

A Cheap Blast For Those Without Kids Or As A Third Car.
Source: CarGurus

...The reliability was typical Japanese - never an issue. And even out-of-the-box, it was a pretty good setup. I had an accident that damaged two wheels, and I took the opportunity to replace the 15-inch stock alloys with some 16-inch OZ Racing wheels that looked fantastic, and were nice and stiff, but I was amazed at how much more than the stock wheels they weighed, which did not do much for the unsprung weight. Appearance-wise, I liked it. I ordered it in black, as I always do, to avoid it looking too "cute" as Miata's from that era are prone to. The R-package added a lip spoiler and air dam...

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