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Quick, Small, Like A Go-kart For The Street!
Source: CarGurus

...great on gas, fun car. drves like a go-kart, and rides like one too. really rough. kinda small. it happens. get one. they are fun...

Quick, Reliable
Source: CarGurus

...not much to complain about - bought it in '94 with 43K miles on it.
now, with 79K miles, it still handles well. a few rattles, but i can live with it. the rocker panels seem to rust, maybe it's cleveland weather...

An Everyday Drivers Car
Source: CarGurus

...It may not be the fastest, it may not be the largest,
it may not be the roomiest or spacious, it may not be exclusive, it may not be flashy, it may not have enough cup holders, but you can be for damn sure, it's the best car I've ever owned.
I will never give it up!...

Fun Race Car

..."Inexpensive way to enter the sport of racing. Easy to work on, lots of upgrades, good fun with the car club!"...

07 Miata MX5 GT

..."Purchased the car in early March 2012. So far have not had any problems or concerns.
Mileage at purchase was 42,000. Drives and handles very well. Ride is good considering small frame and sport suspension. Economy is good at 32 mpg average. Fun to drive and looks great."...

Source: CarGurus

...I bought the car because of its proported reliability and ease of obtaining parts.
Have owned it for about a year and have enjoyed driving it ever since. I use it as a stress relief for my wife and myself. Truely a great car and destined to become a classic...

Just For Requirement
Source: CarGurus

...Great start for drifting, since the 240's have been sucked up from the face of the earth already.
Plenty of power to the wheels, and sticks to the road like glue. A very fun car to drive, any day, anywhere...

Get One, And Autocross It!
Source: CarGurus

...absolutely a ball to drive, the audio speakers ar blown out, and it's got a lot of pickup, ownership, eh, not too expnsive yet.
it's overall a great car, it's a peppy little thing that can really get up and go...

Greatest Car Ever
Source: CarGurus

...I quote "Everyone would be better off if they just drive a Miata once in a while" (Motor Trend Magizine)...

Best Selling Sports Car Ever!!!...need I Say More??
Source: CarGurus

...Much has been written on the Mx5 and it's all true
!!! It's simply a fine balance of performance and handling. Can easily embarrass cars with bigger reputations. Most importantly it always leaves you with a smile on your face whenever you drive it!!!...

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