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2012 Mazda 3 with 1200 miles on it now.
Source: Edmunds

...I love this car. I upgraded from a 2004 Passat. The SKYACTIV-G engine truly performs. I've been getting a combined 34.8 mpg with mostly city driving but with a few long distance bouts. On my distance trips, I've been getting 40-44 mpg at around 70 mph. I generally drive like a grandpa but it's difficult NOT to accelerate quickly in this car! The seats are not nearly as bad as what other people say. I'm 6'0 and they fit me rather well. As for the complaints about the interior controls, I find them rather intuitive. In regards to weird noises from the engine, I haven't heard anything...

BMW wannabe

..."Great handling (BMW like) - love it! The car feels very secure and solid.
Plenty of power and torque AND FUN! I purchase a 2012 HB Sport Touring Automatic (Black).
After 900 miles - the only thing that could make me a rating 5 happy would be better gas mileage.
The 2.5L is powerful, but a tad thirsty. I've been averaging 25.4 mpg in mixed driving.
Great car and would recommend purchasing. Check out the SkyActiv engine equipped if mileage is high on your priority list - almost as powerful as the 2.5L I've read.
The car seems like a great value for the money."...

2012 Mazda3 sedan Grand Touring Skyactiv automatic

...The ride is firm, planted, and controlled, but comfortable. Going into curves is a lot of fun as you don't really have to slow down. The leather seats, which are heated, are very nice. Still need to figure out how to operate the navigation system. The Bose sound system sounds great with the Sirius satellite radio. There's a neat feature on the power exterior mirrors, which lets you know if there's a car in your blind spot. So far it's been a joy to drive... I can't think of a single complaint. For the money, we sure got a lot. Love this car!"...

Finally a fun economical car.
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Fuel mileage, acceleration, and handling. Pretty good trunk space for a small car as well.
Cons: Sometimes hit my head getting in the drivers side, and I'm 5'10" so a tall man may have a more difficult time getting in.
Overall: Too bad the new Skyactive model wasn't reviewed, as it gets way better mileage and peppier engine.
With mostly around town driving, I get a little over 30 mpg, and over 40 on the highway. This is a real fun car to drive with great handling and responsive acceleration. I really love this car!...

Sporty Performance AND Good Fuel Economy
Source: Edmunds

...The beauty of the SKYACTIV Mazda3 is that it achieves good gas mileage without making any sacrifices when it comes to agility.
I'd estimate my driving to be around 2:1 highway/city.
I get on the highway for about 35 minutes going to work, and 35 minutes coming back.
On my days off, my driving would mostly be considering "city driving"-- short bursts of movement between stoplights.
I average 36 to 38 miles to the gallon with those driving conditions, which I find pretty darn impressive.
If I was driving exclusively on the highway I have no doubts I could hit 40 mpg...

first ever new car puchase

...Great gas mileage, have averaged close to 40 on the highway at times and rarely below 35. Very comfortable driver and passenger seats. Plenty of back seat capacity and trunk space. Only cons that i have so far with it is the excess amount of buttons for the temperature settings. Could have replaced them all with 2 or 3 dials and had less buttons on the middle display. Also the oil drain plug and oil filter are covered with a plastic plate that has 3-4 screws that need to be taken off before you can get to them. Engine has plenty of power for typical driving. I was originally looking at a...

economy with comfort
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Great mpg. Cons: No auto lights. Lack of storage.
Overall: After driving a pickup truck for the past 30 years I was skeptical.
The comfort is very good. Still getting used to sitting so low.
i touring is very fun to drive. Never had hands free calling before....A must from now on. I am digging not going broke at the gas pump...

Zoom Zoom for Real

...It feels like a performance European automobile. The handling, braking and acceleration feels German. The fuel economy is not the best, but it's 33MPG highway, so what's there to complain about!The Sport model provides all the essentials; without breaking the bank. Mine did not have a single option, and I don't miss a thing. It's Automatic, has a nice stereo, keyless entry, ABS, traction control and fold down rear seat. I hope to be driving this vehicle for many many years.Yes, the Skyactiv power train offers better performance, but I could not feel the difference on a test drive. It's more...

It has been few days but I really like this car!

..."I was looking to get a hatchback with a manual transmission.
I tried several models and I ended up with the Mazda 3 i touring with skyactive.
I felt right at home with the shifter, the car is very fun to drive, and it is so good on gas! So far I am very happy with my purchase!"...

worth and reliable car
Source: Edmunds

...I have RAV 4, and my previous car was corrolla. My wife needed another car,
Initially I thought I will buy different make, I researched its competitors, CIVIC 2012, Hyundai elelantra, sentra, mazda 3, subaru impreza.
I test drove back to back all of them. I felt driving on highways is smoother than sentra, mazda 3, elantra, almost equal to civic, impreza.
Interior definitely some of its competitors are better like elantra, mazda 3 and civic.
Exterior its not eye catching but it is stylish. We got corrolla LE apprx 2000$ less compared to its competitors price with same...

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