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...Pros: Its a Honda. Cons: Only got 31 mpg on hwy. Rattles in the dash, under the hood, & exhaust pipe.
Car was always hard to start in cold weather. Worst car to drive in the snow.
Honda failed on the 2010 Honda Civic. Overall: I traded my 2010 Honda Civic LX for a 2009 Kia Optima EX.
WOW, Now this is a GREAT car. Quite engine, smooth ride, handles great in the snow & just all around driving.
I gave less for my fully loaded Kia than i did for the low end Honda civic. Im very pleased with my Kia Optima...

Kia or Hyundai (excellent cars)
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...The highest they have is 7 yrs. Get real, a import car is the way to go. Go and see Kia's 2004 car that's coming out, looks just like a jag. , just like it. I recommend you buying a Kia or even a Hyundai, that's the way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cons: Cons, well the only thing on the 2003 Kia Optima is the crusie control off and on button. Maybe they should of put it somewheres else, but hey, it's only an (crusie control) off and on buttons, who really cares, right ? So for about the cons, there really isn't any! Overall: You need to go buy one. You won't be disappointed. And don't listen to all...

Nice car, but front seats are not comfortable

..."We just got a brand new Kia Optima 2010. Seems like everything works fine, except it's a little bit noisy on highway and front seats are not very comfortable.
Actually headrests are not very well adjustable and they hurt my neck. I don't know what to do, will try to find a way to adjust them. But overall I think good car for its price."...

The Optima
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...Both this and the Spectra5 get 22 to 25 mpg in the city, and 32-35 highway. Better by far than any of the three Toyotas we owned. Absolutely no issues in two years ownership. Trunk room in Optima was a surprise - it's huge for a small car! I never pass up a chance to tell people to at least consider Kia - great mileage, quality and warranty for a great price! I would recommend changing filters at first service to K&N - they will make a difference. Cons: There is nothing I can think of with either car that I would consider less than great! Overall: I highly recommend the Kia brand. There's a...

Changed from Toyota
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...Pros: My wife would only drive a Toyota until I got my Kia Sorento.
It came time to buy her a new car and i talked her into driving an Optima.
She drove it and was hooked. We bought it a couple of months ago and now we both are Kia owners and very proud of it.
I am planning on getting a new Sorento in August. I CAN'T WAIT
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cons: The only thing I find not as good as i thought was the MPG.
We are getting 24-26 in town and only 26-28 on the highway, The Toyota was a little better. Overall: GREAT CAR......KIA IS NOW MY COMPANY...

Optima SE 4 = Magentis LX Sport in Canada
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...engine is smooth and does a good job of pulling nearly 3200 lbs, solidly built, powerful headlamps, drives like a car that costs 10's of thousands more, nice handling, lots of leg room front and back. Cons: The 2.4L engine is weak at low rpm's (below 3000), the trunk door is very stiff to open, transmission shifts can be rough sometimes, cruise control switch is hidden by the steering wheel Overall: I have had this car nearly 7 months now and 21000 km's (13000 mi) and i have not had any problems with the car. I am 6 feet tall and my knees are at least 4 inches away from the dash, this car has...

My kia optima
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...Nice amount of trunk space. Great warranty. Cons: Have had problems recently with my optima. Shifting problems that dealer has yet to diagnose. Plus fuel pump went out along with fuel sensor. Also, too many buttons for the a/c, heat. Simple knobs are much safer for drivers. Front cup holders are too small and inconvenient, where are the back cup holders? Overall: Overall I belive I made a good choice getting the optima, it was not my first choice when I was looking for a car actually a honda civic was but unfortunately I was too upside down with my trade in that I pretty much "ended up" with...

Great Car at any price
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...Pros: Very attractive, good interior room, nice ride, great warranty and great price.
Cons: Rear brake noise Overall: I am very impressed with this car.
I have owned Toyota, Mazda, Mitsu, Nissan and a number of American cars.
The Optima is very well built. The fit and finish rivels all of the import car makers that I listed above.
Not to mention the price ($5000.00 Less) and warranty (10 year - 100,000 miles).
How can you go wrong? My car has 14,800 miles and has not been back to the dealer for anything except for oil changes...

optima lover
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...Pros: quality is top notch. ride and handling excellent.
fuel economy on highway 28-30 mpg. wife and i are sold on kia.
the warranty can not be beat bumper to bumper 5 years 60m miles.
the power of the v6 is very very good if your not a race car driver.
we love it. Cons: front seats could be a little better. other wise nothing else. Overall: we give this car a 9.5 in every catagory...

KIA Optima 2009, Love My KIA
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...When the roads were Iced over in a bad storm this past winter I saw many cars sliding around and stuck on the side of the road. My KIA maintained a good amount of traction thanks to the Electronic Stability control (ESC) which is standard. When I need the extra power to merge onto the highway my 4Cyl motor delivers without missing a beat. Cons: I wish I had different head rests, because of my height (or lack there of:) the head rest just does not hit me in the right spot. Overall: I can't say enough about the quality they have put into this vehicle. I was rear ended three weeks after getting...

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