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An Accord or a Sonata?
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: It is a Honda. Cons: Too expensive. Overall: It is a good, reliable car. But I really wish I bought a Hyundai Sonata which outperforms Accord LX and costs $6,000 less (rebate included)...

Think again about Hyundai, warranty? only 2yrs 25,000miles more than Japane
Source: MSN Autos

...they will say that quality of the parts are poor, so it will do that) Overall: I would never buy Hyundai again. The car has not been reliable, at least for me. 5yrs 60,000miles is good, but 3yrs 35,000miles is good enough if you buy Japanese car or Europeans. 5yrs is long time, but 60,000miles isn't for many daily working people who have to drive long distance every single day. Oil change is around 24dlls to 33dlls.(depending on the dealership). Well, Honda only charges 19.99. And Honda's service is much faster and understandable. And I wouldn't want to visit service center every month...

Love This Car!

..."Everything except the leak in the trunk. Sounds annoying, but this is the best car I have ever had.
What a bang for your buck. It is like I am driving a jaguar around town. Definitely suggest buying this car!"...

for the price, best performance .

..."while I only have 18000. miles in 4 years, i AM COMPLETELY HAPPY WITH THE PERFORMANCE,& GAS MILAGE and have had only one problem, changing the battery after 4 years.
A friend who drives only Lincoln Continental town sedan,
was excited about the comfort, sitting on the rear seat of my Sonata on a long drive, which averaged 27 milres per gallon from Los Angeles to Las Vegas."...

awesome car on and off road

..."130,000 miles and going strong. No major or minor problems with my dogmobile. Fits 4 medium size dogs and 2 passengers comfortably! Yea right!"...

75,000+ mi. Sonata GLS
Source: MSN Autos

...I have put over 75,000 mi.on this vehicle in less than 2 yrs. and it is going strong. Cons: Some minor repairs have been needed. I had to have 2 power window regulators replaced so far, also my power radio antenna got stuck in the up position and required fixing, warranty covered all this though. Also had to replace both headlight lamps at a cost of about $16 each. Had recall for oxygen sensor that could cause engine light to come on, ( this addresses the problem of chronic engine light problems for this vehicle), fix was simple reprogram of computer software or replacement of oxygen sensor...

Hyundai Sonata
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: 1. Price 2. Warranty 3. Quality Cons: 22K miles - already replaced radio, DS window lift motor.
Gas gauge only goes as high as 3/4 tank. Dealer very cooperative and issues resolved promptly.
Overall: Overall, would recommend the car to anyone.
May not be the rock solid quality of a Honda, but the number of features for the money and the warranty, it can't be beat.
Hyundai misrepresented the horsepower rating, but made good by extending the warranty an extra year...

GLS & Reasonable People
Source: MSN Autos

...V6, 16" alloy wheels, 4 disc brakes, heated external rear view mirrows, spring loaded ash tray & cup holder cover, upholster trunk lid, side airbags, etc. and power everthing. Cons: When I purchased my GLS it was advertised at 181 hp. Turns out it is only 170 hp. No big deal I test drove the GLS before I bought it and was satisfied with the performance. Hyundia extended my 5 yr 60,000 mile bumper to bumper warrantee to 6 yr 72,000 miles at no cost, to compensate me for their honest mistake - what a company. Overall: The Sonata is not a great car, it is a good (great looking) car with a...

My luxury car
Source: MSN Autos

...Everything is right at my fingertips and I have hardly any blindspots. It is a great family car because the trunk is very spacious for groceries and other things. I would totally recommend this car to everyone. Cons: There isnt much, but I would love it to have more cupholders in the back. Overall: I love the car, and would recommend to anyone that is looking for a great luxury car for a great price. I have test drove more expensive cars before I bought the Sonata and there wasn't much difference in the style and the way it rides on the road. It has quite a bit of power and is super quiet and...

My Baby
Source: MSN Autos

...Cons: It doesn't handle well in the rain and snow. I needed to put weight in the trunk not to fishtail. Because with a V8 5.0 ENGINE in was very heavy in the front. So that helped. Transmision problems, and oil leaks but thats all. Overall: Great car I wish I could by a new one but the new ones are to small. And looks totally different. My husband bought me a new car Hyundai Sonata but I hate it. I really miss my Cougar so we are putting it back on the road. Can't wait to drive it again. Even my kids miss the car...

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