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We have scoured the web for consumer reviews of this car and found the best ones for you to read. Found 16 reviews. This list is displayed in ranked order based the reviews we think are the best.
Great Car but watch for pricey extras

..."As with all dealerships, extras are costly.I love the hatchback features and the fold down seats in back.
It's a smaller car than my last Hybrid but more available room. So far I've averaged about 41 MPG. If I were on the freeway more, it would do better with mileage."...

super gas mileage

..."it is rated 41-44 mpg i am getting 47mpg city a nice surprise its approx. 5 -7 grand less than prius and very insigniff. differen. in mpg"...

51 MPG

..."I was very skeptical, but I am honestly averaging 51 MPGs on both city and highway.
I commute over 38 miles one way and I gladly gave up the comfort of my Volvo S40 for the Honda Insight.
Getting twice the mileage is worth losing my "Man Card" at the dealership.
It is less Hybridish than the Toyota Prius and not at all what I had expected.
I have been in the Army over 16 years and never thought I would lose power over mpg's....but I am a true believer after saving over $125 this month
!! Do yourself a favor and just test drive one, before gas gets to $5 a gallon."...

Great MPG and great comfort... just a little pricey upfront
Source: Edmunds

...Having also owned a 2010 Insight hybrid that is getting about 43 MPG combined and having good reliability with it, we decided to go on and purchase a 2012 HCH IIIw/lthr.
Its a much more comfortable car with more features than the Insight.
Because the car isn't broken in yet (200 on the odometer as of its writing) and frequent cold starts in Ohio,
the life time MPG is only about 45 MPG, which is slightly above the EPA estimates but that has required a "feather" pedal with little HVAC.
The car does have an EV only mode, which is a first for the Honda IMA system and it...

Great money saver

...It's rated at 41mpg city and 44mpg hwy but I get 48.6mpg combined in econ mode. Try to get higher numbers than rated in an american made vehicle. A little unstable at high speeds but a true dependable ride and fuel (money) saver. Stop and start feature works without a problem while stopped at lights or intersections. Want speed and luxury then this is obviously not the vehicle for you. I reccomend this vehicle to those who want an environmentally conscious reliable transportation to depend on while saving you a ton of money at the pump."...

Great style and gas mileage

..."My Honda Insight is stylish, fun to drive and gets great gas mileage.
I am averaging 42 miles a gallon. I love the instrument panel with its instructive driving tools. It is like playing a video game and I enjoy getting "my best score" when driving."...

Hard to beat MPG
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: If your looking for great gas MPG Insight is hard to beat.
Priced lower than you might think. I'm getting 50.2 MPG with first 3000 miles so far. Cons: Not the fastest acceleration. Overall: Nice auto...

Honda's Gift to the World
Source: Edmunds

...The Insight is a essentially a super efficient fwd conventional automobile.
The hybrid system is a small DC motor/generator is wound around the output shaft of the engine and provides power for acceleration and recharges the battery when coasting.
Streamlined and somewhat narrow, big and unusually tall folks will not be comfortable.
Soccer moms will find the hatchback storage too small.
The interior is crisp and functional but upscale buyers will likely opt for something more sophisticated.
The Insight is capable of 50+mpg but hyper milers will want more. For me, it...

Love the Gas Mileage

..."I am getting 48 miles a gallon. Fun to drive and that good old honda reliabilty.
I bought mine for 18,700 lot stock and barrel. That's the 7% NJ sales tax with that price. This is the price of the a civic but you get that great gas mileage.... Love this car...."...

Best hybrid for the price out there

..."You will not be disappointed with this car! It is quite, comfortable, reliable, and very fuel efficient.
I Have owned several Hondas and have never had any problems with any of them.
The mid display provides loads of useful feedback and can help you improve your mpg over time.
I am averaging around 50 mpg so far!You really should test drive this car before paying 5-10K more for any other hybrid.
The 2012 model has received a number of upgrades which have made the insight an even better value.
The best part is that it drives like a normal car and is actually fun to...

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