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Perfect Commuter Car
Source: MSN Autos

...It is not practical as a family auto, but it is a perfect vehicle for a long commute. I had been driving an Avanti for a 110 mile round trip and averaging 25 MPG. With the Insight, I am averaging 72 MPG while driving conservatively and still getting 51 MPG while having fun with it. Plenty of power for most purposes and NO problems climbing hills. Lifetime MPG displays 60.8 with 24580 on odometer. Cons: Sits too low to ground, but that is a very minor inconvenience. No center arm rest. Overall: Would buy a new one today if Honda still made them!!!...

The Gas Car
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: I like the gas milage. Cons: the style Overall: It is a good car beacause the gas is so high now!!...

Exceptionally designed
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Gas mileage, not terrible pickup, easy to move and park Cons: well its not the best looking car but it wasn't designed for styling purposes.
Overall: A great hybrid to save lots of $$on gas, its a fun car to drive and you always have people asking to see it and drive it. Its always a topic of conversation - in a good way!...

Insightful Insight
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Ecologically and Economically friendly vehicle.
Trouble-Free. Extremely reliable. Low-cost. Cons: Nothing, it is a two-seater and that works for me over 90% of the time.
I wish we had a broader selection of tires. I do not being locked into one or two choices for tires.
Overall: Wonderful car. Very acceptable transportation.
I used to drive a Caddilac but it had so many problems with the cast iron/aluminum engines that I swore off GM.
GM kept giving me new bad engines until my warranty ran out. I like my honda and I plan to retire with it...

62 hy.mpg miles @ 65mph, 50 city,

..."Great car,not a lot of car,but good for what it is made for. High road noise,is only minus for the insight."...

My favorite car yet.
Source: MSN Autos

...My only other beef with the car is that it rides so low that rock chips are a certainty, and you have to be careful parking it, so you don't damage the lower front spolier. Thankfully, the quality of paint here seems to be quite high-- it has worn much better than our other Honda. Visibility can be tough when you have a heavy load in the back of the car too. Overall: On our way to buy a completely different car, we passed a used Insight at the dealer next door. I couldn't resist stopping to look, and after a test drive was completely hooked. The Insight takes some getting used to-- the...

Honda Insight - Perfect for commuting!
Source: MSN Autos

...Overall: I love my Insight! It certainly could be improved for the manufacturer, but for what it is I think it's great! It costs me very little to drive it!! Sure, it doesn't have alot of power, and isn't the most comfterble interior... but it doesn't pretend to be a sports car so who cares? If you're wanting a small car that's cheap to run, I would definatly reccomend a Honda Insight. I use it mainly for getting around the city and the occasional long trip. Never had any troubles! I wouldn't suggest having an Insight as your only car, as it's not practical for passengers or cargo! But as a...

Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Fuel efficenty Cons: styling,peformance and overall appeal. Overall: I guess for now we have to give up excitment for the enviroment. Honda should look at the prius for their inspiration...

The Most Fun on a Commute!
Source: MSN Autos

...The instant mpg and power readouts are addictive and encourage gas-saving driving habits. Seats two adults in comfort with plenty of rear cargo room for lots of stuff: groceries, luggage, pets, kids gear, even trips to the home improvement store! Cons: OK, I admit the ride is less than stellar. But it makes you pay attention to the road better to avoid potholes! It sits pretty low and when you're beat after a long day at work, it seems a long way up to stand up. Overall: I absulutely love this vehicle because of its futuristic style, ease of handling and overall "cute factor!" The fuel...

I would by another one.
Source: MSN Autos

...No need to plug in, it generates it's own electrical power. Cons: 400 lbs. max capacity. Not a family car. No GPS options available. It's difficult to see over my shoulder when changing lanes due to the way the side/roof is constructed. Usually they have to be ordered, they're not on most car lots ready for a test drive or immediate purchase. Overall: I recommend it to everyone who inquires about the Insite. It's a perfect commuter car, and very low on gas consumption. Also, it's an enviromentally smart buy. However, there's not a lot of extra luxury options available, unfortunately a...

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