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Tropical Review
Source: MSN Autos

...Good handling. Cons: Unacceptable tracking ability and unpredictable braking performance in less than perfect roads. You can never tell where it will be heading or how it will be stopping in this type of road conditions. Unacceptable lighting from the HID and high beams for this type of car. Inefficient and smalish trunk. No fold down rear seats and no auto lock doors. Overall: If you are used to the precision engineering of BMW, Audis or Volvos, you will have a hard time getting used to this car. Electronic gadgets are excellent and reliability should be better than the other cars mentioned...

good basic transportation
Source: Edmunds

...A good reliable car. You will be surprised how much stuff you can fit in this car.
The gas milage is not as good as on other small models... 26 MPG for mixed driving; No more than 28 on highway. The automatic seatbelts are somewhat annoying...

Our Volvo 960 wagon has been a delight.
Source: Edmunds

...This car was purchased from an individual in Texas and shipped directly to our home.
A Volvo dealer did the pre-purchase inspection for us.
This car has been extremely reliable, gets pretty good gas mileage (about 19), and handles great.
My husband loves that it will turn on a dime. We have really enjoyed the winter package features and the transmission setting for winter driving is helpful in ice and snow.
We have taken two trips cross-country so far, and the perfomance of the car is the same no matter the terrain, weather, or distance.
The booster seat is a nice...

The little engine that could.

..."I just traded in my 2006 BMW Z4 Coupe for the '07 Honda Fit Sport.
While the BMW was powerful and stylish, similar things could be said about the fit - and the mileage doesn't hurt one bit.
The price is just right too. I was debating the fit over the civic for a used car; I decided to purchase the fit.
It is great for commuting. I am averaging about 35mpg, but since I just got off the BMW I'm expecting the little engine to perform like the 270hp z4.
Once I pulled back on the throttle and treating the car more like a commuter, it started to inch closer to that 40mpg mark...

Not suited to the weaker sex
Source: Edmunds

...The convertible top is the reason to buy but it is not easy to use.
The handle to pull and latch the top is hard for a woman to use.
Likewise when the top is down the cover boot for the top is required to be in place and it too is difficult to latch.
The cover boot was replaced for a better fit but still suffers from difficulty to push the latches into the locking slots. Dealer suggestion to place the boot cover on while heated up is a joke!...

Fit 4 A King
Source: MSN Autos capable of about anything you need it to do.I have 4 fillups to date and the mpg is from 34.5-37.5.I choose the manual trans and am quite pleased.This car has a small engine and while Honda does amazing things with small engines,the car is much sportier and has much better performance with the manual transmission. Cons: My Fit sport is very firm riding with constant feedback from the road surface.It might not be everyone's "cup of tea" I'd advise driving both models before deciding what's right for you.I think changing to a different tire on the sport when the stock tires wear out would...

New 2011 Ridgeline

...but I tow very rarely.The back of truck is small too, but again, I don't need it often and when I do it does what I need. The interior is nice and simple, feels more like a full size truck inside vs a mid size truck. I'm 6'3" and 250ish and have no problem...the Toyota Tundra fit me well, but was a bigger truck than I wanted or needed, and the Runner was too small for me to fit in. The Ridgeline is a good balance of everything; nice size interior for the size truck it is, small bed but good for those large items that just wont fit in any trunk, can tow simple items like small trailers or...

6th Mazda
Source: Edmunds

...Excellent finish and fit. Built by the UAW which proves that great cars can be built by union labor.
My 6th Mazda and the best yet. Very quick and very responsive.
Solid feel without feeling heavy. Flat cornering. Silky smooth manual with short throw clutch.
Attention to details. Very techno without being gadgety. Easy to learn. Keeps the fun in driving. Zoom. Zoom...

Very good little car!

...It has lots of interior room, and very good outward visibility. The controls are well made, have a good feel and are simply executed. I'm getting around 35 mpg overall at moderate speeds. This car has good power/acceleration and is comfortable and useful for it's size. The only downside I've noticed is that the brakes are good, but not great. I've also researched replacement tires for this car and the available options are pretty limited at this time. Overall, it's a very good car."...

You want to like this car.
Source: Edmunds

...Tight fit and finish, well thought out design features, except for the cupholder, and a 'German' feel. Unfortunatly the honeymoon ends soon after ownership. Numerous squeaks and rattles that you wouldn't tolerate on a 1980 Chevy. It will drive you nuts! They come from the dashboard, doors, rear seats, sun roof...everywhere it seems. The dealer claimed to fix by placing some sound dampening material in strategic locations, but to no avail. Also, lost my drivers side window to the inner door pocket and had to replace the Monsoon radio - all before 12,000 miles...

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