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We have scoured the web for consumer reviews of this car and found the best ones for you to read. Found 10 reviews. This list is displayed in ranked order based the reviews we think are the best.
Be smart and buy a Honda Hybrid their the best

..."I bought a 2004 Civic Hybrid used in 2008 the first time it hit $4.00/gallon.
I drove it 80 miles everyday. It really did me well.
All I had to do to it was gas, brakes, tires, and oil changes.
It was getting very high with the mileage and it has seen better days so I had the opportunity to trade for a new one which I did.
I do love the little more gas mileage it gets. I get 45mpg going to work and 50mpg going home. Its more up hill driving going to work. Honda's are still the best vehicles made."...

Needs some help

...a few minutes and charge-assist indicator would indicate that the battery was spending most of the time charging with little to no assist being utilized. I took it to my local Honda Dealer where I purchase the car and they said that it needed a software update. This was accomplished and I drive it for an additional week with the same results as before the update. I took it back to the dealer and the service manager said that everything was fine (that it was acting normal) and they could do nothing until and IMA indicator light came on to indicate that there is a problem. When I told him about...

Excellent Hybrid

..."Does what any real hybrid should do, great gas mileage and a comfortable ride with decent handling.It exceeded my overall expectations."...

honda civic hybrid
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...Pros: I like this car. A little "cheap" on the inside but overall very nice Cons: nothing yet Overall: A bit pricey (I bought mine for $22K in southern california)...

My second HCH....BETTER than the first!!

...My gas mileage would stay around 39-43 mpgs per tank. (I always calculate the mpg's when I fill up.) In december of 2011 we decided to trade up to the new 2012 HCH, and the average mpgs with the redesign went from 40/45 to 44 combined. But with this new 2012 I'm getting more like 48-52 mpgs!! I'm all about the MPGS and saving money at the pump when gas prices go up. The fuel tank on this 2012 is about 2 gallons bigger than the one from my 2008 model, but being able to go over 500 miles per tank is amazing!! I will never EVER go back to a regular gas vehicle, and my next purchase will...

Best gas mileage

..."We just took our first trip in our Civic Hybird and got great mileage. It is fun to try and get better mileage every tank. It is surprising how much better you drive without much effort."...

Much better than my previous Civic Hybrid

..."It drives more like a non-hybrid car! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to save on their gas bbill."...

Civic hybrid
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...Pros: Gas milage Cons: Road Noise, unable to have a talk with passengers,road noise Bad Overall: Honda needs to recall honds hybrids to fix road noise.
I purchased my hybrid from VOYLES in COBB County Ga...

The Fuel Efficent Car of the Year
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: This car is pretty good looking. It gets great mileage. Cons: It is a little on the pricey side but is a great car. Overall: I love this car...

Bad design
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...Pros: Nice car, good mileage. Cons: I cannot fold down the rear seats to make more room for t6ransporting items.
Bad,Bad deasign Overall: I sold my Hondancivic after 5 months. and would never own another regardless of price...

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