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..."For its size and price, my new Fussion is road quite and comfortable. The ford 6 cyc engine noise has been reduced to that of their foreign competitors...

New v Wagon Owner
Source: Edmunds

...Have now been driving the wagon for 3 weeks. I have the Five Model.
Interior- Better looking than reviews describe. Despite reviews the plastic looks nice and the seats are leather looking Sof-Tex and very nice looking.
Exterior: Good finish, a trim option would be nice but have dealer added pin strips that make look snappier.
Has spare tire Performance: Engine is snappier than expected.
Some engine whine getting on turnpike entrance ramps but not noisier than Ford Fusion/Mazda 3 but not as quick.
Road noise quietier than Mazda 3/Elantra & equal to Ford Fusion. More...

a hot ford
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: good looks and good gas milage Cons: its a front wheel drive Overall: price is a little high but the quality is good...

Fantastic Fusion

..."This car has style (mine is a pearly white), comfort, reliability and ease of driving.
The SEL has leather, heated seats, bluetooth hands free connectivity, good fuel economy.
One small feature that is very handy: a little "drawer" on the dash to the left of the steering column is felt lined and holds your coins for drive-through windows.
Only one down side: the vision out the rear window is limited, but you get used to it."...

Great Car

..."I'm very happy with my new Ford Fusion! I didn't think I was ready to buy a new vehicle yet, but I wanted to start test driving to get an idea of what to buy when the time came.
Although there were a handful of vehicles on my short list, the Fusion was the first and only car I test drove.
I've owned it for almost two months now, and I'm confident it will be a great car. Gas mileage has exceeded expectations, it handles well, and it's very comfortable."...

A FORD best buy!
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Everything Cons: Nothing Overall: It is an affordable sedan with all the bells and whistles...

Love It!!
Source: CarGurus

...A++++ this is such an upgrade from my truck. besides the fuel consumption and every detail i could talk about.
the service and respect i got from the dealer was unbelievable, not to mention the amazing deal i got! i reccomend the fusion and the ford company!!...

Everything promised and more

..."After searching many comparable cars, new and used, foreign and domestic, I decided on and puchased a Fusion SEL 6cyl mid-August.
Four-thousand miles later, including two insterstate trips to DC, IMO, this is a great vehicle.
Currently getting about 25 mpg around town and averaged 29 mpg on long trips.
The car is very quiet on the road. Going through mountains, the car never slowed and handled very well.
Excellent/tight handling on mountain interstate curves. Love the SYNC system. Would summarize by saying this is a 'true' SMART car and tremendous value for the money."...

fun to drive
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: stylish & economical Cons: nothing yet Overall: overall very good buy...

Take A Test Drive
Source: CarGurus

...I just drove this across country. It handled well and I got great gas mileage, I averaged better than what is posted because I used the cruise control and there was a few hills during the trip.
Overall it is the best car I ever had. In the past 2months there has been no problems.
I love how it handles here in San Diego. It has great acceleration for getting up on any of the Interstate on-ramps...

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