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Fusion Hybrid

...I bought the package with all the bells and whistles. The technology is abounding and convenient. The safety equipment (rear view camera, blind spot and oncoming traffic sensors) are outstanding. The ride and feel is smooth, quiet and compliant. The four cylinder engine is somewhat noisy when accelerating quickly but it has all the pep one would need. So far, the combined mileage is 35 mpg but I expect that to improve once the engine is "broken in".The one thing I was surprised and disappointed to learn is that the side-view mirrors are not collapsible and for that kind of money, they should...

Love my Fusion Hybrid

..."I have had Camry's for the last twelve years, but this time we decided to buy Ford since their quality was really improving and we wanted to buy total American.
We bought hybrid because it was time. We're averaging 40 mpg in a very comfortable vehicle, love the way it looks and the handling is superb.
My husband and his long legs is even comfortable and keeps telling me how glad he is we bought it.
We're enjoying the electronic dash panel which helps us drive more economically while having fun doing it. We're very satisfied."...

The Fusion Hybrid is for Real!
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: The variable speed sterring is fantastic. The hybrid/fuel combination gives the vehicle to power and response of a small V8 or larger V6.
The information cluster is a great asset in helping the driver learn how to drive the vehicle for max.
economy. After only 800 miles we are getting a constant combined (City/Hwy) mileage of greater than 38 MPG.
In town it exceeds 43 MPG. Fantastic car and with the 100,000 mile warrany on the batteries it's even better. Cons: Nothing at this time Overall: Handling, response and mileage...

Safety First
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Safety, mpg, quality Cons: Nothing Overall: Had a 2010 Fusion Hybrid and was involved in a head on collision , Vehicle was a total loss but I got out with a bruise on my head and hand.
My 2010 never saw the dealer except for normal required maintenance.
I replaced with the 2012 and found the same quality.
Both vehicles always delivered at least 38mph. The Fusion Hybrid handles like a dream and has the power of a V6.
Ford made a few upgrades that I like on the 2012, the navigation radio now gets hd radio stations and the drivers side floor mats now have 2 anchor...

Love my Fusion Hybrid
Source: MSN Autos

...The steering is tight and feels like a race car. The Sony 12 speaker sound system is fantastic. Leather seats are heated and wrap in comfort. The controls wrap around you in perfect harmony. It's a joy to drive. Acceleration is amazing for a 4 cylinder hybrid. Cons: The trunk is too small, and since the batteries are behind the rear seats... they don't fold down. Overall: Overall, the Fusion has high seats and doors which make it harder to see outside the vehicle, but the backup camera and blind spot warning lights take care of those issues. A friend drove my car to Cleveland with me and he...

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid, best car I have owned

..."I love my 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. It gets the advertised milage and more.
With a little change in driving habits I can beat this.
This is easy due to the dashboard displays. Careful you don't look at the display and forget the road because it has a lot of information for you to use...

Fusion Hybrid Review

..."Fantastic car for the price! Have owned 2 other hybrids before and this is the best overall. Only change needed is smart key and push-buton start and button on trunk to open from outside."...

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