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Focus SE sedan - 165K miles and still going stong

..."I bought this car back in 2004 with 99K miles and was very skeptical.
All my friends said I should not buy it. I did, and I love it.
I have the 5 speed manual trans. and it gets great gas mileage (even with 18" chrome rims).
I still have it and the only thing wrong is the suspension is getting bad.
I expect this with the amount of miles it has. Other than that everything is great. Looking to get a new car soon. I have outgrown it, but it is still a great car!"...

Awesome car!

..."The car runs awesome. The ride is so smooth and the seats are so comfortable. The gas mileage is great. I got an awesome deal on the car and I'm so excited I chose this car."...

Ford Focus 2000

..."Tons of recalls. Valves went bad after 75,000 miles. Very loud car...sounds like an aircraft taking off. A very basic car. I wouldn't buy another one."...

safest car on the road

..."I love the way my focus handles. As a mother of 2 I always look for safety first.
This car handles better than my mother-in-laws Chrysler 300. The comfort is A+ and there's enough room to grocery shop and take the kids with me. I LOVE MY CAR."...

Horrible car

..."This was my first car i ever got and it been nothing but problems since we got it.
For about the past year my car has been in the shop every month for something else. I thought it was a cute car when I got it but now I just can't wait to get this car out of my hands."...

Good transportation, not happy with dealer

...This is the first and will be the last used vehicle I puchase. The ride is okay, however, when on the go the ride is a bit choppy and I can feel the stearing wheel vibrate. Not sure if it's because of the previous owner, seems like a careless person, as there were quite a few blemishes on the inside of the vehicle. I will say that it does have pretty good gas mileage as I range about 30 to 33 miles a gallon. The exterior appearance is nice and has alot to offer with not alot of money to burn out of your pocket. I also like having the heated mirrors, remote start,ABS with traction control, and...

This is the REAL DEAL with the 2006 Ford Focus.

..."I bought a 2006 Ford Focus SE with an automatic transmission on Memorial Day Weekend in 2006. Since then I've put 47,350 miles on the car and have had ZERO problems...

A Sweet Little Ride

..."I am currently leasing my 08 Focus SES Coupe. Got it in Red.
Got the Sync in it, and love that feature. The car seems pretty quick, and handles nicely. Gets alot of looks. Gas mileage is amazing. I've Had it for a year and Love it so far."...


..."I purchased my 2003 Focus brand new. At the time I wasn't looking for anything flashy just something affordable for a single mother and one child to get me from A to B..
I now wish I would have upgraded a bit as there is no CD player, I do not have power anything, and I could use more room.
These features would have been useful now that I have married and expanded my family.I have now 63,000 miles on my vehicle and it is going strong.
I have not had a single problem with my vehicle as far as engine trouble.
I have had the usual upkeep, and I do get my oil changed every...

A very reliable car

..."I am the only onwer since new of my 2001 Ford Focus.
I've had only to recalls on it in 2002 (even thought the focus holds the record on recalls) but I have never had any major problem with it.
Its been a very reliable car since new, of course I keep up with the maintance that could be one reason.
For a dialy driver I thinks is the best car of its class and year. Maybe thats why Ford has only done minor changes to the frame and engine."...

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