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10,026 miles later
Source: Edmunds

...After 7 months and 10,026 miles I have to say that the Volt bests even our beloved Prius.
Over its life to date, I have used only 69.3 gallons of gasoline, or 144.6 mpg.
I am getting between 42 and 48 miles of battery driving each day of my 72-mile commute.
To fully charge the battery for those 42-47 miles it costs 82 cents. I am getting between 35 and 41 mpg when the internal combustion engine is recharging the battery...

Fantastic car - best I've ever had
Source: Edmunds

...really fun to drive, amazing torque, very high quality build, been running it almost entirely on electricity (like many Americans, radius of my daily driving is not more than 35 miles), the gasoline engine kicks in seamlessely to extend range to 300+ miles (at approx 40 mpg), and easy to recharge at night (at a small fraction of the cost of gasoline). I'm 6'4", 2 kids, and we fit fine. Technology integration very well done - nav, backup camera, etc. all works seamlessly (incl hard drive; dvd player; easy ipod/iphone connect; voice recognition). Electric really does make driving fun again!...

Problem after only 2000 miles
Source: Edmunds

...Developed an error message after only 2,000 miles. Apparently, the antenna was defective...

Fantastic machine - 2500 miles and smiling!
Source: Edmunds

...Traded a 2011 Prius for the 2012 Volt and couldn't be happier with my decision.
While I liked the Prius and would recommend the car in an instant, it does not have the driving dynamics or the fit and finish of the Volt.
It's also not the most attractive car, whereas I find the Volt to be reasonably good looking.
The Volt is faster than the numbers suggest, is quieter at normal commuting speeds than anything else on four wheels,
has tons of tech that works quite well, and is actually fun to drive (the Prius never was).
Even without the tax credit this car represents...

Owned 2 months-- have not spent a dime on gas!

..."Love the Chevy Volt! It is a good looking, quiet drive--with a peppy engine (accelerates well when extra speed is needed).
It also gives you a guage that shows you when you are driving most economically...

Updated & Happy

..."My husband (JDHCalif) wrote a lengthy review and I wanted to add my 2 cents.
We are actually now getting nearly 130mpg per day because his company installed an electrical outlet in his office parking area.
The car costs about $2 to fully charge at PG&E rates and each full charge takes the car about 45 miles.
Even though we drive 130 mile+ daily commutes we are burning almost no gas...not insignificant in CA where gas is now $4.63 per gallon.
The Volt is proving to be more than twice as economical as our Prius...and it drives so much better - even the regen brakes feel...

Source: Edmunds

...Drove home a new, 2012 Volt the other day. Great car!
I had been waiting for another EV but test drove the Volt when it became available in Florida.
The interior is stylish and gives the feeling of being in a sports car. GM is currently offering an incentive lease that I just couldn't ignore...

Cold Weather Volt Owner
Source: Edmunds

...Like other owners I can say I love the car. Fit and finish and design are stunning. The heater works fine which was a concern of mine. There are 2 heater modes. Eco consumes less battery but doesn't heat as effectively. Regular is equivalent to other cars. When it is quite cold (less than 28 F), the battery will get you 33 miles but beware the gas engine will go on for about 5 of those miles to keep the battery and cabin warm. The best you'll get is about 130 mpg for those 33 miles. Above 30 F, you can expect 30 miles per charge with no use of the gas engine. In general, I have gotten 37 mpg...

I Love My Volt - 2012
Source: Edmunds

...This is the best car I have ever owned. It looks good, handles well and is incredibly inexpensive to drive.
6,500 miles and 41 gallons of gas - only because I drove it to FL from MI.
42.5 mpg on the way down using gas. I drive it typically under 30 miles per day and usually have 39-40 miles of battery available when I start in the morning.
So unless I need to go more than 40 miles, I don't use any gas.
I plug the car into my 110v house system at 8:00 at night and it's fully charged in 10 hrs (6 am).
The price of the car is too high unless the tax rebate continues, but...

2012 Volt Rocks!
Source: MSN Autos

...rear seat legroom when long legged front seat occupants have their seats all the way back, somewhat restrictied visibility on all 4 corners due to wide roof pedistals. We would like to see power seats with driver memory. Lack of sunroof/moonroof option. Yes, I realize these are nitpicking issues! Overall: The features we most like about our Volt include the mainstream styling, awesome performance in acceleration and handling, the smooth, quiet ride, and most of all, averaging 160+ miles per gallon and passing gas stations. For typical commutes (averaging less than 40-45 miles), we can...

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