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Why Spend More?
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Smooth, quiet, powerful, and drives like a much more expensive car. Cons: Nothing. Overall: Compact, economical car that's fun to drive, is fully equipped, and get's the looks!...

good solid car

..."have averaged 30.2 mpg and purchased price was under 15000 and onstarr saved alot more on car insurance than it cost per year and i am in the 6 mo free period."...

Horrible Car-Asking for a Refund
Source: Edmunds

...The car spun a bearing 15 days later (on Christmas Day) and was completely undriveable. Our local dealership, which has been very helpful throughout this whole ordeal, tried to get GM to replace the car. GM refused and told the dealership to just rebuild the defective engine. The dealership refused, and GM agreed to replace the engine-not the car, just the engine. The dealership installed the new engine, but the discovered while test driving it that the cam shaft sensor was bad in the new engine. It has been over 2 weeks, and there are still issues with the car. GM customer service is VERY...

Excellent Car!

..."Pros: Smooth and quiet drive and ride, plenty of features (Stability control, traction control, Bluetooth, smartphone app control, etc.). Excellent fuel economy. Fun to drive!...


...It looks like a million bucks, feels like a million bucks and has really nice features. I bought the cheap hatch back. It comes standard with all kinds of safety and convenience items. This car is a top safety pick. Handles great! Does not feel like a small car. It also has a way bigger interior then competitors and the rear seats can actually fit adults nicely. I drive 100 miles a day and so far have been averaging 36mpg. They all come standard with key less entry. The car does not feel like an "econo box". I love it and I hope it will be with me for a long time. I highly recommend it!"...


...I studied the usual small sporty cars for months trying to decide which one. Then I discovered the 1.4 liter turbo Sonic LT hatchback with a 6 speed transmission made in America which I now drive. It's a cost effective car with plenty of head room and cargo space. It averages 34 mpg. The turbo really makes the difference in performance, it's quiet, hugs the curves, I like the quad headlights, big tach, digital speedometer, xm radio and hill assist. The only problem I had was availability. After a month of looking, I bought mine the same day is rolled off the truck. Otherwise it would have...

m0re than an economy car
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Rented this car in Florida for one week. Based on qualityand enjoyment of driving at hi speed on Rt 95,
would by one if I were to by a small car.Felt like
a larger automobilel.Did not get blown off road when trailor trucks past at high speeds..Hatchback is only way to go..Currently drive Chevy Avalanche but enjoyed this week spent with this auto.
Cons: The back side of the drivers rear door hit the front side of the drivers side rear door upon opening rear door...Not much space and tolerance too close.
Actually rubbed and away edge plastic molding and paint.Was a...



First New Car

..."This Chevy Sonic is the first new car I have ever purchased (I'm 50 years old) and I couldn't find a better value for the money.
I love the look and the feel of this car more than any other I looked at.
It has plenty of pickup in the 1.8Liter engine and the interior comfort is great.
The best thing I like is that after 7 years of not being comfort behind the wheel of a car my wife can comfortably drive this little car."...

Super SONIC and beyond infinity!
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: It's a fun car, great mileage! Cons: Have'nt noticed any yet!
Overall: Got rear ended just before Chrismas and totaled 02' Pontiac, return to the same dealer that sold an 03' Trail Blazer 4X4 (still have)...And now cruising the 2012 "SONIC".
Every time I'm on the freeway I wonder why the other vehicals seem to be slower,
then realize I'm barely pressing the excellerater and need to back off, to maintain the speed limit....surprizing a little shock and awe to drive!!...

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2012 Chevrolet Sonic

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