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Best In Class

..."At first the 535 xi looked like a better choice but after driving both I went with the A6,
10 more hp, 140 more torques, standard nav system and awd, more luxurious ride and better interior make up for the looks that the A6 loses to the 535xi."...

Fantastic car, but...

..."I own a 2001 A6 2.7T. Bought it new, so I've seen it all. I still love this car, but I do all work myself...

Car Info
Source: CarGurus to drive with a cam,intake,exhaust etc. and a trans that will hold up and mild 2500 rpm stall converter.
wish it was a 6 speed but had the trans went through and stronger aftermarket parts put in...

Not worth the money, cheaply built, go for the Audi A6
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Exterior appearance, cabin layout Cons: Harsh engine, choppy transmission, unreliable brake system, cheap craftsmanship Overall: I loved the Infiniti G35.
When I bought the M37, I was suprised in the first week with a plastic craking noise in the brake paddle everytime I use the brakes.
The doors were rattling like a 10 years old car. They had to replace a major part in the brake system (talking about cofidence in safety), and remove the door panels to fix the rattle.
Now the engine is noisy (noise dampening systme?), and the transmission is choppy.
I think I got a...

I Love Her :)
Source: CarGurus the system.. jus painted not too long ago.. just needa a wash..
its a 6 cylinder so not the best performence. im wantin to get the ss body kit.. i jus like the way those look. hopefully n a few years getta 383 small put in it. but shes real fun to drive...

Nice But Has Shortfalls

..."Audi has done an excellent job with the 2012 A6. The Prestige package comes loaded with technology and advanced safety features.
The power delivery is impressive for a car this size and should be more than adequate for the majority of owners out there...

Audi sets a new bar
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Distinctive and impressive presence (nee exterior).
Everything about this car smells prestige, quality and luxury.
What surprised me, however, is the driving dynamics which far exceeded my expectations especially having been an owner of a 2009 BMW 335i.
This Audi has everything that any luxury buyer will ever ask for. Cons: None! Overall: Well done, Audi...

Audi a6

..."I recently purchased a used 2002 Audi A6 Quattro. It is great for driving in the snow and rain.
The engine isn't reliable at all and parts are a fortune since it is a foreign made car.
Other than replacing the head gasket, battery, and having to pull out the radio the car is worth what was asked."...

Incredible, Fabulous ... WOW!!!
Source: Edmunds

...Considered the BMW 535xi, e350, and Infiniti 37x. Test drove each 2 different times and each time I was swayed towards the A6. BMW was quickly eliminated because of the run flat tires. I have heard several stories that they are costly and prone to issues. 37x was eliminated because the shifting seemed a bit harsh and quirky. Also, I did not like the navigation. e350 was eliminated (even though I was offered a 11% off MSRP) because in the end I preferred the ride, feel, and technology of the A6. For me, the A6 offered the best ride and performance of the others...

Way beyond my expectations
Source: Edmunds

...I thought the 5 series was a nice car, until I went to the Audi dealer.
We found the Audi to be so much nicer than the BMW that there was no comparison.
One drive in the A6 and I was sold. After the fact, I am continually more and more impressed with this car. I am very, very pleased...

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