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Mitsubishi 'i' Electric Car: Ultimate Guide, What You Need To Know

Mitsubishi 'i' Electric Car: Ultimate Guide, What You Need To Know

The Mitsubishi "i" electric car has been around in one form or another for several years now, so there's a lot of information to keep track of. The tiny egg-shaped electric car, with four doors and four seats, is currently on sale in the U.S. It's been on sale in Japan for some time now, and also... read more

July 26, 2013 by  - 9
Mitsubishi i $69 per month lease deal

Mitsubishi i In Cheapest Electric Car Lease Yet: $69 Per Month

If you're eager to get behind the wheel of an electric car, then there are few cheaper ways of doing it than one lease deal from an Illinois Mitsubishi dealer. O'Brien... read more January 23, 2013 by  16

red 2012 Mitsubishi i

Dealer Discounts 2012 Mitsubishi 'i' Electric Car To Smart Level

For a time, the 2012 Mitsubishi i was the cheapest electric car on sale in the U.S. When smart announced its third-generation Electric Drive would retail from $25,750 for the... read more October 30, 2012 by  24

2013 Chevrolet Spark minicar, New York City, Aug 2012

Ultimate Guide To Gas-Sipping Minicars On Sale In The U.S.

Which side are you on? Bigger is better? Or perhaps 'No replacement for displacement'? Or do you think more along the lines of 'small is beautiful' and 'good things come in... read more October 17, 2012 by 

Fast Charging 2011 Nissan Leaf

Quick-Charging Your Electric Car? It Could Be Less Full Than You Think

Chademo-specification DC quick chargers make it possible for owners of electric cars like the Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi i to travel well beyond the range of a single charge... read more September 6, 2012 by  7

2012 Mitsubishi i, City Island, NY, Aug 2012

2012 Mitsubishi i Electric Minicar: Drive Report VIDEO!

We liked the 2012 Mitsubishi i electric minicar we drove last week rather more than we expected. Its main handicap, even in city usage, is its low electric range. We didn't... read more August 21, 2012 by  5

2012 Mitsubishi i electric car, New York City, August 2012

2012 Mitsubishi i Electric Minicar: Driven

It took a while, but we've finally had a chance to spend time with the smallest plug-in electric car sold in the U.S. The 2012 Mitsubishi i (also known as the i-MiEV) is a... read more August 17, 2012 by  48

Mitsubishi i-MiEV Evolution crashes during Pikes Peak practice

Mitsubishi 'i' Electric Cars At Pikes Peak Hill Climb

If racing improves the breed, then the next generation of Mitsubishi's electric cars could be a significant step up from the humble Mitsubishi 'i' sold today. The 'i' itself... read more August 10, 2012 by  4

2012 Mitsubishi i

Mitsubishi ‘i’ Electric Car Recalled For Faulty Airbag System

This morning, Mitsubishi North America announced an official recall of certain 2012 Mitsubishi i electric cars after it became apparent that there may be an incompatibility... read more August 9, 2012 by  3

2012 Mitsubishi i

2012 Mitsubishi i Gets 'Making Of' Program On Discovery Channel

There's something fascinating about "how it's made"-style programs. Even the most mundane items can seem interesting as they whirr down a production line gaining attributes... read more July 25, 2012 by  2

red 2012 Mitsubishi i

2012 Mitsubishi i Electric Car Owners Speak Up: Pros And Cons

There might not be many on U.S. roads--less than a thousand in total--but Mitsubishi's 'i' electric car is one of the few all-electric cars on sale at the moment, and has a... read more July 19, 2012 by  24

2014 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi Aims To Plug In Entire Range Within 4 Years

In the automotive world, there are automakers who ignore plug-in vehicle technology, those who experiment with it, those who do it because they have to, and those for whom it... read more July 10, 2012 by  12

Rafael de Mestre's round-the-world Tesla [Image: / @chargelocator on Twitter]

Two Electric Cars, One Planet To Race Around: Who Will Win?

Remember the two French guys in their Mitsubishi i (well, Citroen C-Zero)? Their eight-month, 15,500-mile journey in the tiny electric car is just one of many long-distance... read more July 5, 2012 by  2

2012 Mitsubishi i  -  First Drive, U.S.-spec MiEV

Consumer Reports Hates 2012 Mitsubishi I’s Range: Is It Right?

Mitsubishi’s tiny egg-shaped electric car known as the 2012 Mitsubishi i is currently the cheapest electric car you can buy in the U.S. Starting at $29,125 before... read more June 12, 2012 by  15

2012 Nissan Leaf electric car - net pricing shown on Nissan website

Electric-Car Prices: Tesla, Nissan, Chevy Should Be Ashamed--Here's Why

Always read the fine print. That's a lesson every car buyer should take to heart. Especially since Nissan, Chevrolet, Tesla, and Mitsubishi all now engage in a pricing... read more May 23, 2012 by  53

Mitsubishi i-MiEV Evolution Pikes Peak racer

Mitsubishi Reveals Its Crazy Pikes Peak i-MiEV Electric Racer

We've already brought you news of Mitsubishi's two challengers for this year's Pikes Peak hillclimb, but now the Japanese firm has revealed its purpose-built prototype, set... read more May 21, 2012 by 


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