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Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Cars? Daimler Delays, Seeks Nissan, Ford As Partners

Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Cars? Daimler Delays, Seeks Nissan, Ford As Partners

While gasoline engines will be with us for many years, and plug-in electric cars are coming slowly, hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles remain in the background. Four makers have said they will launch production cars powered by hydrogen between 2015 and 2018. Now, one of those companies has slammed on the... read more

January 25, 2013 by  - 11
Toyota FCV-R hydrogen fuel-cell concept car, 2012 Detroit Auto Show

Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Cars Still Important, Automakers Say

When anything is referred to as "not dead yet," it's usually dead--or very close. But despite the headline reference to a legendary Monty Python skit (NSFW), a recent post... read more July 9, 2012 by  20

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BMW To Dump GM, Chooses Toyota As Fuel-Cell, Hybrid Partner?

It's hard to keep things secret in the auto industry. So when Bloomberg reported yesterday that German luxury maker BMW had broken off talks with General Motors on joint... read more June 28, 2012 by  1


Nanotech Solution To Hydrogen Fuel Puzzle From Brookhaven Lab?

A team of researchers at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, New York, has opened the door to a future of clean, cheap hydrogen fuel by ditching a popular platinum... read more May 15, 2012 by  13

Toyota FCV-R hydrogen fuel-cell concept car, 2012 Detroit Auto Show

Which Carmakers Are Still Serious About Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicles?

Hydrogen fuel-cell cars have not progressed as fast as some companies had predicted 10 or 15 years ago. No carmaker sells a fuel-cell vehicle in any kind of volume, but... read more May 14, 2012 by  28

Toyota FCV-R hydrogen fuel-cell concept car, 2012 Detroit Auto Show

Toyota: “We’ll Make Tens Of Thousands Of Hydrogen Cars In The 2020s”

Toyota might be expanding its Prius line of hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars, but it hasn’t forgotten about hydrogen fuel cell technology. In fact, at this week’s... read more March 9, 2012 by  16

'Invisible' Hydrogen B-Class F-Cell

Mercedes Turns Fuel Cell Car Invisible (Almost)

Every automaker goes to great lengths to promote their cars. Sometimes, the resulting publicity stunts are nothing short of genius. Other times they’re cringeworthy... read more March 5, 2012 by  3

Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell vehicle at Camp Pendleton hydrogen fueling station, photo by Joe Tash

U.S. DoE Looks Towards Hydrogen Cars, Funds $6 Million Research Project

President Obama might have promised to buy a plug-in Chevrolet Volt when he leaves office, but that doesn’t mean the Obama administration has forgotten about other... read more March 5, 2012 by  3

GM's military fuel cell fleet

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars Don Camouflage, Join Army

A surprising number of technological innovations have been developed through the military, and subsequently found their way into daily use - microwaves, cell phone... read more February 28, 2012 by  1

fcx clarity fuelcell motorauthority 001

California, CARB, Votes On 15% Clean Car Mandate By 2025

California has long been at the forefront of developing rules to reduce automotive pollution levels, but a vote held yesterday could prove to be a landmark for green cars... read more January 27, 2012 by  11

Toyota FCV-R hydrogen fuel-cell concept car, 2012 Detroit Auto Show

Toyota FCV-R Concept, Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicle In Detroit: Photo Gallery

While most of Toyota's focus for fuel efficiency remains on its growing lineup of Prius dedicated hybrids, the company said almost two years ago that it would launch a... read more January 11, 2012 by 

EnerFuel High Temperature Fuel Cell

Gasoline-Powered Fuel Cell To Fix Electric-Car Range Anxiety?

While electric-car advocates may avoid the issue, some buyers simply won't choose a plug-in car that can't travel unlimited distances. That's where the Chevy Volt-style range... read more December 6, 2011 by  16

2011 Toyota FCV-R Concept

Toyota Prepares Fuel Cell, Plug-in Electric Cars For 2012 Tokyo Auto Show

With the 42nd Tokyo Auto Show just weeks away, Japanese automaker Toyota has detailed more about the four cars it will premiere at the show, including the much-anticipated... read more November 15, 2011 by  1

Toyota Highlander Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle (FCHV)

Toyota’s Fuel Cell Car for 2015 Gets A Whole Lot More Expensive

For the past few years, Toyota executives have been keen to point out that the Japanese automaker is working on bringing a production hydrogen fuel cell car to market by... read more November 8, 2011 by  13

2011 Mercedes-Benz F125! Concept

Mercedes-Benz F125 Plug-In Hybrid: The Future Of The Luxury Car

It’s hard to say what the automotive landscape will look like in 25 years, but this much is certain: Mercedes-Benz will still be building luxury sedans for those lucky... read more September 13, 2011 by 

Molecule Model of Isobutanol

Scientists Discover Microbes That Turn Newspaper Into Biofuel

Wouldn’t it be great if old newspapers and junk mail could be used to generate biofuel, instead of taking up space in landfills? Tulane University scientists have... read more August 29, 2011 by  2


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