Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock Discuss VW Electric Cars In New Ad (In German)

Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock Discuss VW Electric Cars In New Ad (In German)

Electric cars can be a more efficient alternative to internal-combustion vehicles, but how do they compare to a starship? Two people well-positioned to make that assessment--Star Trek stars William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy--are now featured in a new Volkswagen ad. ALSO SEE: 2015 Volkswagen e-Golf... read more

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2014 Audi A6 2.0 TDI Ultra

German Federal Parliament Gets Efficient Audi Diesel Cars For Official Duties

World governments are spurring carmakers to lower emissions through stricter regulations, that much we know. But how much effort is there to make the cars lawmakers actually... read more June 15, 2014 by 

WAVE electric-car parade in Stuttgart, Germany.

Most-Electric-Vehicles Record Broken Again: 507 in Stuttgart

While sales continue to grow, electric cars still represent a tiny fraction of the vehicles on the world's roads. Perhaps that explains the proclivity of electric-car... read more June 9, 2014 by 

Ebuggy electric range-extending trailer concept

Ebuggy Electric Car Trailer Boosts Range By 300 Miles, Looks A Bit Silly

Despite protestations that electric vehicles are compromised by short battery range, most owners find the vast majority of driving is achievable on the modest 80-100 miles... read more April 29, 2014 by 

2014 BMW i3

Germany Likes German Electric Cars; Leaf, Volt, Not So Much

It isn't unusual for citizens of a particular country to employ a little patriotism when buying vehicles and stick to brands from that country. A huge swathe of Americans buy... read more March 19, 2014 by 

Hamburg (Image: Flickr user LuxTonnerre, used under CC license)

Hamburg, Germany, Aims For Car-Less Streets In 20 Years

Urban centers are very different in the U.S. to those in Europe, its more recent history and greater expanses of space allowing wide, open and sprawling spaces to develop--a... read more January 9, 2014 by 

Tesla Model S taken to top speed on a German Autobahn

Yes, A Tesla Model S Can Hit 132 MPH On The Autobahn (Video)

A few weeks back at the opening of a Tesla Motors service center in Munich, Elon Musk told a room full of fans and journalists that Tesla would offer a special tuning package... read more November 5, 2013 by 

2013 Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S To Offer 'Autobahn' Tuning For Top Speed Over 130 MPH

Most countries have their own road rules and regulations and it's no surprise that driving conditions and car requirements vary greatly as a result. One such country is... read more October 23, 2013 by 

2014 BMW i3, 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show

European Union Delays Emissions Rules: Victory For German Luxury Makers?

The heads of German luxury car makers are probably breathing a collective sigh of relief. On Monday, European Union environmental ministers voted to delay an enhanced carbon... read more October 18, 2013 by 

2014 BMW i3, 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show

Why German Elections Affect Your Next Audi, BMW, Or Mercedes

The results of German national elections don't get much news coverage in the U.S. But the re-election of Angela Merkel as chancellor on September 22 could prove to have an... read more October 3, 2013 by 

Mercedes-Benz Hydrogen Fuel-Cell vehicle

Germany Expanding Hydrogen Network: Will U.S. Ever Follow?

By 2015, Germany is expected to have 5,000 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles roaming the streets. That doesn't sound like a great number, particularly when battery-electric cars... read more June 20, 2012 by  18

World's first electric car (1881) recreated

German Autovision Museum Recreates First Ever Electric Car

125 years ago a man named Karl Benz patented what many consider to be the first motor car. As an engineer he wasn't as adept at marketing it though, which is why his wife... read more November 4, 2011 by  1

BMW ActiveE electric car production line, Leipzig, Germany

BMW ActiveE Electric Car Shown On Leipzig Assembly Line (Video)

You might call it pure propaganda, but confident young BMW worker Mirco Schwarze describes the process of assembling the BMW ActiveE electric car in a way that makes it all... read more July 18, 2011 by  2

e-Wolf Alpha 1 SRF

e-Wolf Alpha 1 SRF Electric Track Car Makes Debut

While the major automakers whittle away on their electric car developments, a small German firm by the name of e-Wolf has been building and selling a range of electric... read more June 28, 2011 by  1

Dieter Zetsche

Daimler CEO: 1 Million Electric Cars in Germany by 2020? Not Likely

It may only be two weeks since Germany’s Chancellor Merkel announced that her government would help bring 1 million plug-in vehicles to the roads of Germany by 2020 but... read more May 31, 2011 by  10

Porsche Boxster E electric car prototype

Porsche Boxster E Electric Sports Car A Hit At 2011 Michelin Challenge Bibendum

The Michelin Challenge Bibendum is an annual event run by the French tire company aimed at promoting the development of sustainable mobility. At this year’s event in... read more May 24, 2011 by  3


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