Why Are Few Of Today's Cars Among The Most Fuel-Efficient Ever?

Why Are Few Of Today's Cars Among The Most Fuel-Efficient Ever?

Every now and then, readers write to grumble about new cars and their gas mileage. The gist is usually something like this: You wrote that the new 2011 [Make & Model] gets 40 mpg highway? Well, big whoop-de-doo. I always got at least 45 mpg in my 1992 Geo Metro, and it was a whole lot cheaper... read more

December 8, 2010 by  - 24
2011 Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai Drops The Gloves, Will Call Out Sales of 40-MPG Cars

Just a month ago, we suggested that 40 miles per gallon is the new bragging threshold for subcompact and even compact cars. Now, Hyundai has dropped the gloves (or thrown... read more December 2, 2010 by  7

2011 Chevrolet Volt Z-Spec

2011 Chevrolet Volt Gets 93 MPGe EV Rating, 60 MPG Combined

The shenanigans continue. Just this week the Nissan LEAF was rated at 99 mpg-equivalent by the EPA, raising the ire of our own John Voelcker--and justifiably so. Today, the... read more November 24, 2010 by  11

2011 Nissan Leaf

Idiocy: EPA Rates 2011 Nissan Leaf 'Gas Mileage' At 99 MPG

So it's come down to this, has it? The U.S. car-buying public is apparently so stupid that the Environmental Protection Agency has to rate the efficiency of an all-electric... read more November 22, 2010 by  3

2011 Mazda2 exterior and detail

Slow U.S. Adoption of Start-Stop Systems: The Real Reasons

Sometimes even well-informed industry analysts get it wrong. Or miss the forest for the trees. A recent posting by Pike Research, entlted "Europe Leads, U.S. Lags In... read more November 22, 2010 by  5

2011 Chevrolet Cruze Eco

2011 Chevrolet Cruze Eco Gets EPA-Rated 42 MPG Fuel Economy

GM has managed to deliver on its promise of segment-leading fuel economy for its new 2011 Chevrolet Cruze Eco model, with the EPA announcing this week that the fuel efficient... read more November 12, 2010 by  1

Tough Tractor Trailer

EPA Proposes 10-to-20-Percent Gas Mileage Rise for Big Trucks

Well, now we know the numbers. And there are a lot of them. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Transportation jointly proposed cutting greenhouse-gas... read more October 25, 2010 by  4

Corn Ethanol Pump

EPA OKs More Ethanol In Gasoline, Only For 2007 Or Newer Cars

Yesterday, the Environmental Protection Agency approved raising the proportion of ethanol in pump gasoline from 10 percent (E10) to as much as 15 percent (E15). It would be... read more October 14, 2010 by 

Used car salesman

Caring Auto Industry Won't Let You Be Bullied By Nasty Old EPA

Reading the news in our automotive world never fails to surprise and delight. Take, for example, our discovery of the soliticitousness exhibited by automakers who care deeply... read more September 13, 2010 by  7

Leaked 2011 Lexus CT 200h images

2011 Lexus CT 200h Gets 42 MPG EPA-Rated Combined Fuel Economy

Whether it's the rather bland styling or the underwhelming stats, the 2011 Lexus CT 200h hasn't achieved much in creating buzz in the headlines. In fairness, hybrid power... read more September 13, 2010 by  1

2009 Tesla Roadster

Tesla Fined $275,000 Over Emissions Regulations

With electricity not always generated through renewable methods, it can be hard to claim that an EV is truly zero-emissions. It's generally accepted that you aren't pumping... read more August 30, 2010 by  6

Proposed design (2 of 2) for gas mileage and emissions impact of new vehicle, U.S. EPA, August 2010

EPA Proposes Two Designs For Updated Fuel Economy Labels, Wants Your Input

Want to know the fuel economy ratings of a new car you're considering? You probably already know to look at the gas-mileage window sticker. Now, for the first time in 30... read more August 30, 2010 by  9

2011 Ford Explorer

2011 Ford Explorer: Building Better Gas Mileage Into An SUV

If you're one of the 50 million Americans reached by Ford's marketing today, you'll know by now that the company launched a new 2011 Explorer sport utility. High Gear has... read more July 26, 2010 by  4

Ford Escape Hybrid Cargo Space (Seats Up)

Roundup: Hybrid SUVs and Crossovers from Ford, Toyota, Chevy

Our reader Celeste wrote to ask us about available hybrid SUVs and crossovers, and we thought our answer might be useful for the site. At the moment, there are three main... read more May 24, 2010 by  2

2011 Ford Fiesta

2011 Ford Fiesta Gets 40 MPG Rating

The 2011 Ford Fiesta is officially the most fuel efficient model in its class, with the EPA announcing today that the ultra-funky hatchback and sedan rates in at 29 mpg in... read more May 17, 2010 by  7

Tough Tractor Trailer

Long-Haul Truckers Beg For Rescue From Nasty Gas-Saving EPA

It's pretty rare when a group of drivers begs a government agency to regulate them. But when it could avert what they think would be even worse regulations from another... read more May 4, 2010 by  4


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