Next EPA Fight: Automakers Vs Oil Refiners Over Clean Fuels

Next EPA Fight: Automakers Vs Oil Refiners Over Clean Fuels

It's not just how efficiently you burn it--it's the stuff you're burning, too. That's the message coming from the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, working with the EPA to tighten pollution rules for gasoline, reducing the proportion of sulfur from 30 parts per million (ppm) to 10 ppm. The oil... read more

March 22, 2012 by  - 6

Arizona Dumps Stricter CA Emissions Standards Over Electric-Car Rules

California has always led the nation in mandating reduction of tailpipe emissions and development of low- and zero-emission vehicles. For several years now, states have had... read more January 12, 2012 by  10

Smog in New York City

A Brief History Of Smog, Which Led To Electric Cars: Recommended Reading

Daniel Yergin is one of those authors who writes major works. His Pulitzer Prize-winning The Prize is nothing less than the definitive history of the rise of the petroleum... read more December 19, 2011 by  2

Light-duty vehicle type scenario, now-2050 (California Air Resources Board)

CA To Require Zero-Emission Vehicles On Top Of Gas-Mileage Rules

The NHTSA and EPA are closing in on their final rules for 2017-2025 corporate average fuel economy regulations, but there's a wild card in the pack. California, which has the... read more December 8, 2011 by  10

Motorcycle exhaust pipe, courtesy of Discovery Channel Mythbusters

Motorcycles Are More Polluting Than Cars, New Device Shows

When cable TV’s “MythBusters” program recently investigated the idea that emissions from motorcycles are gentler on the environment than emissions from... read more October 28, 2011 by  5

2008 Honda Civic Hybrid 4-door Sedan Angular Front Exterior View

Why An Old, Used Honda Civic Hybrid Is Good For Your Health

We all know that the venerable Toyota Prius is the most well-known of all hybrids on the market today, both in terms of numbers made and its impressive gas mileage. But if... read more September 21, 2011 by  2

ZF eight-speed automatic

How To Get Better Mileage In Your Next Gasoline Car: Get More Gears

If you’re in the market for a new car, but the current offerings of electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid cars aren’t suitable there’s an often-overlooked way... read more September 12, 2011 by  1

Tough Tractor Trailer

New Study Links Diesel Particulates And Heart Disease

It’s no secret that diesel fumes from trucks, buses and older diesel automobiles can be linked to health issues. Those with asthma or other respiratory conditions are... read more August 3, 2011 by  3

GMPP E-ROD 1955 Chevy Bel Air

GM Performance Parts' E-ROD: A Hot Rod Leans Towards Green

Common wisdom says that hot rodders and environmentalists are at opposite ends of the spectrum, and that the two mix like water and oil. Not so, says GM’s Performance... read more June 23, 2011 by  1

Honda Blue Skies for Our Children campaign

Honda Commits To 30 Percent CO2 Reduction By 2020

In its latest Environmental Annual Report 2011 Honda has committed to reducing the CO2 emissions of its global product portfolio, including everything from jets to cars and... read more June 21, 2011 by 

Stefan Jacoby, Volvo Cars CEO, at Volvo "Innovations Toward Zero" seminar, June 2011

Many Ways For Volvo To Go Green And Save Gas, Says CEO

Volvo likes to think of itself as a conscientious car company. "Why are we different?" asked Stefan Jacoby, Volvo's German CEO. "We are Swedish; we come from a human-centric... read more June 13, 2011 by 

Smog in New York City

Cleaner Cars Save You Gas, Also Save Lives, Cut Health Costs

Cars that consume less fuel have many benefits, including lower gasoline costs. Now it turns out that they also bring significant public-health benefits, reducing health-care... read more May 11, 2011 by  5

Vespanomics infographic, brought to you by Vespa and Mint (detail)

Can Scooters Save The Planet? We Have Our Doubts

You don't need to be a mathematician or a fortune-teller to figure out that most modern scooters are more eco-friendly than their four-wheeled kin. But can they really save... read more April 27, 2011 by  1

2009 Ferrari California

Ferrari Shows Biggest CO2 Cut Amongst Supercar Brands, But Is There More To The Numbers?

Governments around the world are bowing to public pressure to reduce the levels of greenhouse gases their respective countries produce, and more often than not, the first... read more April 13, 2011 by  1

Toyota Prius Plug-In

2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In: By The Numbers, Would It Work For You?

Over six days of driving—limited to around-town trips—we put about 103 miles on a fleet-test Toyota Prius Plug-In, averaging 90.8 miles per gallon. In that time... read more March 24, 2011 by  15

Ferrari 458 Italia with HELE system in Geneva

Ferrari 458 Italia Offers Best-In-Class Emissions With HELE System

Believe it or not but even a manufacturer of high-performance supercars endowed with V-8 and V-12 engines can be conscious about the environment. Take Ferrari, for example... read more March 3, 2011 by  1


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