How Can China Boost Hybrid Sales? Guangzhou City Offers Cash

How Can China Boost Hybrid Sales? Guangzhou City Offers Cash

Several years ago, you could get a Federal tax credit for buying a hybrid-electric vehicle. That program has ended. Several manufacturers--Toyota, Honda, and Ford among them--reached their cap of 60,000 hybrids sold, and now hybrids represent 2 to 3 percent of the U.S. market without Federal... read more

August 16, 2012 by  - 7
BYD e6

BYD, China's Electric-Car Star, Faces Steeper Challenges

Chinese carmaker BYD is facing tough times ahead, following reports that its stock has fallen 43 percent since its February high. As China's figurehead for electric vehicles... read more June 6, 2012 by  1

Chinese battery electric crossover: BYD e6 test drive, Los Angeles, May 2012

Updated BYD e6: First Drive Of Chinese Electric Crossover

Most Chinese carmakers have backed away from plans to attack the U.S. market, and their hopes of dominating electric cars have slowed. But Chinese maker BYD continues to... read more May 10, 2012 by  13

Traffic in China

Electric Cars Are Tougher Than They Look, Eh, China?

Several years ago, the world's auto industry heard a constant refrain: "The Chinese are coming, the Chinese are coming!" With low labor costs and a government imperative to... read more May 4, 2012 by  4

First 2012 Coda Sedan customer car emerges from Benicia, CA, assembly plant, March 2012

Coda Plans Second Electric Car, Withdraws DoE Loan Application

When Coda Automotive started production and sales of its 2012 Sedan earlier this year, it ended years of doubt and confusion about the firm’s abilities to bring a... read more April 25, 2012 by  10

BYD e6 electric taxi in service in Shenzhen, China

BYD e6 Electric Crossover: Now Coming In 2013, Fleets First

You don't hear as much worrying these days about the threat of Chinese automakers entering the U.S. market with inexpensive cars. Nor do you hear concerns over Chinese... read more April 12, 2012 by  2


80 Million Vehicles Built Globally Last Year--A New Record

Well, the numbers are in. Despite the lingering effects of economic recession, the world's auto industry built more vehicles in 2011 than ever in history: 80 million, in... read more March 29, 2012 by  10

Structure of methanol. Image: Wikimedia Commons

The Next New Fuel You've Never Heard Of: Methanol, In China

You'll already be familiar with ethanol-powered cars, but what about methanol? Both are alcohols, but methanol is even simpler than ethanol, containing only one carbon atom... read more March 23, 2012 by  7

Traffic in China

China Slows On Electric Cars To Focus On Fuel Efficiency

Several years ago, the U.S. auto industry worried that Chinese carmakers would use inexpensive cars to gain a foothold here, just as Japanese and Korean makers had done. That... read more March 13, 2012 by  5

BYD e6 electric taxi in service in Shenzhen, China

Can China's Power Industry Raise Interest In Electric Cars?

China's car market is one of the fastest-growing in the world, and the implications of that are huge for the car industry. They're huge for the environment too. With the sort... read more December 28, 2011 by  1

Chevrolet Volt arrives in China for use at World Expo 2010 Shanghai

Chevrolet Volt Ready To Go On Sale In China, Priced At $75K

General Motors has revealed the eight Chinese cities in which the Chevrolet Volt range-extended electric car will be sold. The Volt will go on sale in Beijing, Shanghai... read more November 23, 2011 by  3

2011 Nissan Leaf

Little Love For Nissan Leaf In Luxury-Conscious Hong Kong

If you thought the Nissan Leaf was a hard sell in the expanses of North America, then you may be surprised to learn it's doing far less well in one of its natural habitats... read more November 15, 2011 by  10

Leaked BYD/Daimler Electric Car Renderings (The WallStreetJournal)

Is This What The Electric Car Love-Child Of Daimler, BYD Looks Like? Apparently So

Since July, the Internet has been home to serval renderings claiming to be of the new electric car being developed by German automaker Daimler and its Chinese auto partner... read more October 21, 2011 by  1

Daimler and BYD logos

Daimler And BYD To Birth Electric-Car Love Child This Spring

Opposites, it’s said, attract. And automakers don’t come much more opposite than Daimler AG and BYD. Daimler is the parent to such prestigious brands as Maybach... read more October 10, 2011 by  3

Ford CEO Alan Mulally at 2010 Washington DC Auto Show

Ford Looks To Develop Electric Cars For Chinese Market

Lately it’s become obvious that China -- not the U.S. -- is the place to be if you’re an automaker wanting to develop electric cars. Daimler already has an... read more September 28, 2011 by 

Chevrolet Sail Electric Concept Vehicle

GM To Develop Electric Cars In China With SAIC, Longtime Partner

Maybe you can beat 'em and join 'em at the same time? That may be what General Motors is hoping with its announcement this morning that it would develop electric cars with... read more September 20, 2011 by  14


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