2015 Ford F-150 Team Fights Fear Of Aluminum Toughness, Repair, Cost

2015 Ford F-150 Team Fights Fear Of Aluminum Toughness, Repair, Cost

Sometimes, selling a vehicle can be harder than making it. The 2015 Ford F-150 full-size pickup truck is the product of a complete redesign, meant to increase both utility and efficiency. To that end, Ford has given the new F-150 an aluminum body, a decision that has proved controversial among at... read more

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2014 Ford F-150 2WD SuperCrew 145" XLT Grille

2015 Ford F-150 Aluminum Body, Smaller Engines: Details Emerge

The 2015 Ford F-150 full-size pickup truck won't be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show until tomorrow morning, but some details of its innovations to boost gas mileage have... read more January 12, 2014 by 

GM Production Facility, Fairfax

GM’s Aluminum Welding Process Means Lighter Cars, Better Gas Mileage

As long as the auto industry has existed, various automated and non-automated processes have been developed to bond two or more pieces of metal together through the art of... read more September 25, 2012 by  3

2012 Tesla Model S body-in-white

2012 Tesla Model S: Is Aluminum Its Secret Weapon?

Colin Chapman is remembered for many things in the automotive world, but if there's one thing auto journalists have to thank him for, it's an endless stream of column inches... read more July 13, 2012 by  11

Aluminum Cubed [Image by Flickr user jpeepz]

Far-Out Tech Department: Fuel Your Future Car With...Aluminum?

You can virtually throw a stone these days and hit someone developing a "fuel of the future", but some do appear to show more promise than others. Many options for future... read more June 6, 2012 by  9

2011 Audi A2 Concept

Audi A2 Concept Electric Car Due At 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show

With the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show less than two weeks away the German auto industry is starting to really crank out the concept cars. Latest in the onslaught of new German... read more September 2, 2011 by  1

1999 Audi A2, Frankfurt Auto Show

Audi A2 e-tron Electric Car Concept Headed To Frankfurt Auto Show: Report

The last we heard Audi was working on a new generation of its slow selling but technologically advanced A2 hatchback for launch in 2015. According to latest reports, a... read more June 1, 2011 by  1

2011 BMW 5-Series sedan

BMW Looking To Curb Vehicle Weight With Increased Aluminum

Lightweight materials such as carbon fiber are seen by many in the auto industry as one of the most effective ways of reducing vehicle weight and thus improving fuel economy... read more August 9, 2010 by  1

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept

BMW's Newest, Greenest Concept: Vision EfficientDynamics

BMW's legendary M series performance cars use big, brawny, turbocharged gasoline engines. The 2009 BMW M5, for example, has a 500-horsepower, 5.0-liter V-10. How many... read more August 29, 2009 by  1


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