One Former Fisker Dealer Vanishes Into History (Photos)

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Remember Fisker Automotive, the startup carmaker that sold the $106,000 luxury range-extended electric sport sedan called the Karma?

Hang onto your memories, because the physical traces of Fisker's existence are vanishing quickly.

These photos show what's happening to the dealership that was formerly Fisker of Bellevue, outside Seattle, Washington.

Photos on the locational website Foursquare show what the dealer looked like last year, when it was in business.

The Foursquare page for Fisker of Bellevue now carries a discrete "Now Closed" notice.

Parking spots out front that used to say "Fisker Only" have now been relabeled "Seattle Coffee Gear."

Fisker of Bellevue, Washington, dealership in October 2012 [photo by Bill D via Foursquare]

Fisker of Bellevue, Washington, dealership in October 2012 [photo by Bill D via Foursquare]

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The irony of this shuttered dealership, and the many other Fisker dealers who've walked away from the brand and the buyers, is that it refutes one of the justifications cited by auto-dealer associations as they try to make direct sales to consumers by Tesla Motors illegal.

In an interview last fall, Tim W. Jackson of the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association suggested that legally mandating sales through third-party dealerships means that if an auto brand shuts down, there will be independent dealers there long afterward to provide service and parts sales for stranded owners.

Several such shutdowns have happened over the last decade--think Isuzu, HUMMER, Pontiac, Saturn, Saab, and Suzuki--but the vanishing Fisker dealers would seem to be leaving customers adrift on the High Seas.

[Our thanks to electric-car advocate and frequent tipster Brian Henderson for use of his photographs]


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  1. Thanks for adding the "Tim W. Jackson of the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association" context. I wouldn't have appreciated this point if you hadn't noted it.

  2. I wonder how many Fisker dealerships were purely Fisker as opposed to a location that also was a dealership for another brand. In the Orlando, FL area the Fisker dealership was the same location as the Range Rover. Not sure about that dealership status. There is still a Fisker Orlando website , but n cars are listed on th4e website's inventory or on

  3. It should be up to the costumers to decide whether or not they want to take the risk, the dealers should not be allowed to FORCE Tesla into this.

  4. Botttom line was Karma was not a automobile runs on road but a refugees' boat with a high price tag.

  5. Most Fisker dealerships have dumped the brand and won't even offer service. A few still offer service, though it's out of the customer's pocket even for things that should be warranty repairs. Parts availability is another issue. Great customer protection from the dealerships, eh?

    Ironically, a Tesla service center is moving in right next door to what used to be Fisker Silicon Valley.

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