Certified Used Nissan Leaf Program Details Out--But Only In Japan

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2011 Nissan Leaf

2011 Nissan Leaf

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Buying used cars is always a little bit of a risk--you can never quite be sure what condition the previous owner has left the car in.

That's where manufacturer-certified used car programs come in, and Nissan is launching just such a thing for used examples of its Leaf electric car.

While we still don't know the ins and outs of the firm's U.S. certified scheme for the Leaf, we now at least know (via Japanese site autoc-one) what Japanese customers will get--perhaps giving a clue to similar schemes elsewhere.

Certified used Leafs in Japan will conform to strict criteria to ensure they're the best quality examples available for used car buyers.

These include repairing any small scratches or interior damage, and ensuring the vehicle has had no previous recorded accident damage. Certified Leafs will also have the full 12 bars of battery capacity on the display, and have done no more than 31,000 miles in four years.

To ensure the car retains its best available battery capacity after five years and 62,000 miles, Nissan will also give owners a battery advice sheet, detailing ways to maximize capacity and keep the battery healthy.

A "maintenance pro pack" will also be available, with extra diagnostic checks to keep an eye on the battery's condition.

Other details included in the certified used program include a low finance interest rate of 3.9 percent, an "EV support program" for the life of the car, and the option to use Nissan's "Leaf to Home" ability, where the vehicle can supply power to the owner's home should an outage occur.

Some of these details may differ by the time a similar scheme is introduced to the U.S, but they should provide owners with extra peace of mind when choosing a used Leaf.

And while used car buying is still that little bit more risky than buying new, electric cars do have a slight advantage in this regard--the previous owner won't have skipped any oil changes, burned out the clutch, forgotten to top up the antifreeze...

[Hat tip: Brian Henderson]


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Comments (9)
  1. "forgotten to top up the antifreeze..."
    Well the LEAF might not have an antifreeze, but I am guessing that most EVs do.

  2. The LEAF does have antifreeze to cool the power electronics and motor, but according to the maintenance schedule it never needs replacing, or even inspecting. The load on the liquid cooling system is so much less than that of an internal combustion engine that I guess it never evaporates or leaks.

  3. How nice. I wonder what the value of these "Certified used Leafs" is. I would bet that those of us, poor souls in Southern Arizona will NOT get equal benefit of a program of this nature, if it is ever implemented. It will probably be another Nissan calculated ignorance/neglect policy that endears those of us with premature battery degradation.?! If it is implemented, hopefully none will be offered in Southern Arizona.

  4. Don't worry, the lawyers have it covered:
    "Battery advice sheet item #1: Don't live in Southern Arizona."

  5. I firmly believe in USED BEVs at a good discounted price. If the shortened range is sufficient for you, then adding it as 3rd or 4th car will significantly reduce your short commute cost as the used BEV will outperform an used ICE in service cost significantly over the years. The longer you keep it, the better. With used BEV, you can reduce a lot of that upfront cost. Of course, that is assuming that you are okay with the reduced range.

    If most people commute less than 40 miles a day, then an Used Leaf should meet that demand.

  6. A used Leaf is the perfect car for the "little old lady who takes it to church once a week". Or anyone with a short commute.

  7. Exactly. It is also good enough for running errands around town for people who don't drive much each year...

  8. They need this here in the US. NOW.

    A Nissan dealer in Bradley, Ill. (Hove Nissan) showed me a used Leaf. It was an off-lease 2011 model, was originally titled in Phoenix (high heat) had 4 bars lost off the battery capacity meter -- so a battery ruined from the heat, like a lot of Leafs from hot states. The manager wouldn't cut a dime off the selling price and said he wouldn't replace the battery if I took the deal. What a joke. That Nissan would allow dealers like this to sell these worn out used Leafs, for regular Blue Book cost, to unsuspecting buyers, is reprehensible. I'm sure some poor sap will buy it not knowing his battery is so degraded. Carfax doesn't even note it -- they should. Shame on Nissan. Fix this policy, now.

  9. Nissans got your back. They will service the battery as part of their battery capacity warranty. I see that program is "working" at the dealer you visited. wink wink.

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