When "Electric" Doesn't Qualify You To Use Electric-Car Parking

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Hyundai ix35 (Tucson) gasoline car parked in electric-car charging spot, Oxford Services, U.K.

Hyundai ix35 (Tucson) gasoline car parked in electric-car charging spot, Oxford Services, U.K.

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There it is, parked right in the space reserved for electric-car charging: a Hyundai Tucson.

Which runs solely on gasoline.

But wait! There's a badge on the back.

Right under the silver Hyundai letters, it says, "all electric." Wow.

Is this a prototype test car? Or an unpublicized plug-electric car slipped quietly into the market by an enterprising Korean maker eager to avoid the fuss of promotion?

Errrrrrr, no.

It's got nothing to do with actual electric cars--as indicated by the exhaust pipe just under the bumper.

It's actually the name of a Hyundai dealer in the West Midlands, U.K.: All Electric Garages, of Kidderminster, Worcs.

The photo, taken on July 2 by contributor Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, shows a Hyundai ix35 (the European model we know as the Tucson) that carries the dealer's badge.

It was parked in a labeled "electric car" spot at Welcome Break Motorway Services in Oxford, which offers fast charging for Nissan Leafs and other CHAdeMO-capable electric cars.

The Hyundai owner apparently feels it's safe to occupy a reserved parking spot he or she isn't entitled to--assuming that a parking warden who doesn't know every plug-in model on the market will be confused enough to let it slide.

Luckily, he hadn't blocked the fast-charging station, and Nikki could recharge and get on her way.

But the same car was still parked there almost an hour later.

Classy, eh?

What's the worst example of "being ICEd" you've seen?

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Comments (17)
  1. The "all electric" badging is the name of the dealer....so not *quite* as bad as an outright lie if they are simply parking and ignoring signage.

    3 Churchfields, KIDDERMINSTER, Worcestershire, DY10 2JL

  2. It is still WRONG - It almost sounds like you think its all just a bit of a joke.

    If I were you I would contact the owner and either suggest they don't take the micky and in doing so bring your business into disrepute or ask them to remove the 'all electric' sticker... I assume it is not put there by you?

  3. I say go with an all electric BICYCLE, I'm building my own electric bike using a how-to book I got on Kickstarter here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1354698863/learn-to-build-your-own-electric-bicycle-the-book

  4. It is very interesting that this story mentions "Tucson," as I live in Arizona and even though I have Volt, it is not technically legal to park in EV Only parking spots to charge.

    This state labels EV's as Alternative Fuel Vehicles(AFV). This includes cars that run on propane or natural gas exclusively. But a Volt is labeled a bi-fuel vehicle. This in turn prevents us from benefiting from some pretty significant tax breaks as well. Ex.Vehicle License Tax (VLT)for an AFV in AZ = 1% of $4.00 per $100 of assessed valuation. Basically my Volt registration would have been ~ $28. Instead, since it is a Bi-Fuel it cost ~$660!

    Even though AZ was leading edge in writing a law to prevent ICE'ing, they did not have the forethought to incl P.U.'s!!!

  5. EV people have been trying to get EV chargers in a lower use section just to avoid things like this and no piss everyone off until there are enough EV's that the chargers well used.

    I'd also like to see one charge station with 4-8 parking spaces around it in the future for mixed parking once enough EV's are in use.

    But fines are up there for those who block.

  6. I have seen a Hummer with Prius synergy logos on the back. Of course, the license tag said "GLBWMR"

  7. Ha! That reminds me of this, which we ran 3 years ago ...


  8. California’s DMV used to issue a ZEV sticker that validated access to EV parking/charging, but has recently abandon that process. How does the average parking attendant know the difference between a Fiat 500 and the 500e? Fit and Fit EV? BMW 1 series and Active E? C-Max/Fusion Hybrid and Energi? Focus and Focus Electric? Prius and Prius Plug-in? MINI Cooper and MINI E, Spark and Spark EV… I believe charge site access must fall to those that can adjudicate the difference, as they do with HOV access or disabilities plates.

  9. The easiest part is charging port.

    Not to mention the fact that regardless of you are plugin or NOT, if you are NOT charging, don't park it there.

    The parking attendant should just ticket anyone who parks there without charging...

  10. @Kei: California no longer issues those stickers? I was under the impression while the yellow ones (hybrids) had sunsetted, the white ones (ZEV and NGV) and the green ones (plug-in hybrids) were still being issued. No?

  11. I think he is talking about the EV charging/parking sticker...

  12. Effective January 1, 2012, the California DMV no longer arbitrates ZEV status for the purpose of parking or charging;



    These were not the HOV stickers. They conferred ZEV status only for parking or charging and were issued to EVs, including conversions.

  13. If anyone parks in a space with an "un-qualified" car it should be just booted, towed & taken to an impound lot. That way the community makes money on fines & the cheaters think twice about parking in those spots. I know someone will consider this a money maker for some communities, that is largly sour grapes from those who have lost an undeserved "Perk".

  14. eVgo in Texas has a sign that says unauthorized vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense.

  15. I, too, have seen this in Indianapolis. Here its the gray hair set with their Caddy/Avalon/Lincoln parked there, simply because it was the last space available. Wal-Mart puts their charge station close to the gas station (sort of logical?). Indeed, something should be done to help the electric vehicles to have easy access to their charging station. But there will always be the three "C's" the
    Cheaters, the Confused, and Clearly insane when it comes to the charging stations

  16. For those interested I wrote an article in our local paper on getting ICEd.


  17. Is it safe to park the car anywhere.. I really afraid while parking my own car. I was visiting to the Heathrow and park my car by having a look at the site: parkatheathrow.net

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