Tesla Model S Electric-Car Production Above 400 A Week, Musk Says

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Red 2013 Tesla Model S cars roll down the production line (Photo: @elonmusk on Twitter)

Red 2013 Tesla Model S cars roll down the production line (Photo: @elonmusk on Twitter)

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All is still well at Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA], it seems, with CEO Elon Musk announcing the company is beating its self-imposed production targets.

As Bloomberg reports, Tesla is ahead of its 400-per-week production goal, by a margin Musk describes as "not trivial".

Meeting such a target is all the more important as Tesla's sole new product, the Model S, is set to go on sale in European markets in the next few months.

Back in January, the company announced it had reached full production capacity of 400 units per week, after a slow start in 2012 which saw Tesla miss its 5,000-car delivery goal.

Tesla is clearly capable of more, though. Musk says the pace of production will rise to 800 per week by late 2014--"I'm very confident we'll get there" he told Bloomberg.

Targets are higher than that, of course, Musk providing an optimistic soundbite that Tesla's Fremont plant will one day return to its full, pre-Tesla production capacity of half a million vehicles per year--numbers achieved in the plant's GM-Toyota period.

To this, he added, "We going to have every kind of car you could possibly imagine...if it moves, we'll make it."

For the time being, production will be a little lower than this, and the combined efforts of the U.S, Asia and Europe should see 21,000 Model S delivered this year. That's still a number below only a handful of major automakers' own electric vehicles, but one expected to grow when Tesla's future models come on song--including the Model X crossover and a sub-Model S sedan.

Beating production targets is the latest in a string of good news stories for Tesla and its fans, including the firm's first-quarter profit earlier this year, and the announcement it had paid off its Department of Energy loan a full 9 years early.


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Comments (11)
  1. Come on Tesla! Give us details on the sedan you're working on! I want to give you my money!

  2. @Jeff, Yes I am in the market for a mid $30,000 dollar Ev with at least a minimum of 150 miles of range. I figure that it would save about $2500 dollars per year in gasoline cost and could pay for itself in about 12 years or even faster once you own your own solar charging station. I think its about time for Tesla to show us what they have in mind for the Blue Star Gen III sedan. Tesla will market it as an EV for the masses and if will definitely put the traditional automakers on notice that EV's are no longer just a toy for the very rich. I could see a compact sports sedan concept based upon the skateboard chassis as described by Franz Von Holzhausen being marketed towards the middle class as Elon has said Tesla would.

  3. patience flower....probably early '14 for a look at the bluestar model...

  4. @Erik: I'd say more like first reveal in early *2015*
    for a car now expected to go into production in late 2016 as a 2017 model year.


  5. Ouch, John, but not completely unexpected, either, of course. But with my Volt lease ending in 2015, what to do...? I'm not generally a fan of crossovers, as I've stated here before, but if it comes down to that or the i3 rather than waiting, it will be interesting.

  6. Absolutely!!!!! I have 2 years left on my current car's lease and have decided my next vehicle is going to be electric. If I win the lottery before then my first stop will be at the Tesla showroom. Could not be more happy/relieved/excited to finally see encouraging numbers for this tech instead of the constant litany of global doom that the oil paradigm has us mired in. Major kudos to Mr. Musk (and Nissan for that matter) for having the vision and the courage to get the ball rolling. More please!

  7. sell 21,000 model S this year and they will do close to 2 billion a year.

    Decent money and enough units, to get them solidly in the black.

    With that kind of cash flow, they can fund a number of superchargers and perhaps even some swap stations in key locations.

  8. With that cash, they need to bring the Model X and Blue Star sedan to market on time. Superchargers are important, but so are future products...

    Telsa's high P/E needs more future products to justify the current stock price.

  9. would it be that bad if price of the stock come back down from the sky heights? Maybe I could buy some, even though I never bought any stock :-)

  10. Good for Tesla. Are there numbers of order available? Production numbers are great, but only if demand is high enough. For Tesla this is even more important that other car makers since ever car the make (minus some used for marketing and testing) is for a specific order.

  11. Interesting point. Seems like you answer your own question,"since ever car the make (minus some used for marketing and testing) is for a specific order."

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