Cyclist Vs Self-Important, Entitled, Angry Supercar Driver (Video)

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Owners of supercars often seem to feel a sense of entitlement.

So we had to chuckle at the outrage expressed by the videographer who posted a clip of a Lamborghini Aventador momentarily forced to slow down on a narrow London street as a cyclist pulls out.

You'll note that the driver of the flat-black Aventador actually has to apply his brakes. Dreadful.

Then he revs his engine, which echoes through the street with the sound of ripping cloth. We're sure the neighbors appreciated that.

Supercar hoodlums

We should point out that more than most capital cities, London has an adverse relationship with supercars--or, more properly, their drivers.

The worst of them, termed "supercar hoodlums," have drag-raced in crowded neighborhoods, wrecked rows of parked cars, walked away from the wrecks, and otherwise run riot in the crowded capital.

In August 2010, for instance, two Abu Dhabi residents street-racing in Knightsbridge at 1:30 am managed to wreck both their cars and four parked cars as well.

The two simply walked away from the wreckage, telling horrified onlookers that they'd pay for it; one was driving without insurance.

That's not even to mention the multiple and flagrant parking violations that led enforcement officers to put wheel-clamps on a  $550,000 Murcielago LP670-4 SuperVeloce and one of only six $1.9 million Koenigsegg CCXRs ever made for parking illegally outside Harrods.

Who's the hero?

So Londoners who cycle--a greener mode of transport than a two-seat coupe with a 691-hp, 6.5-liter V-12 that's rated at 13 mpg combined--might be irked at ear-splitting engine revving all of a few seconds after they've pulled out.

The cyclist stops, turns, and looks back at the driver for--imagine--10 seconds.

Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

Enlarge Photo

Then he pedals off in the bike lane--only to be passed by the supercar, which roars away down the narrow sidestreet.

As one editor hereabouts commented, "I see two people behaving badly, but one definitely emerges the hero."

Hint: It's not the Lamborghini driver.

Hire a copy editor?

Still, the videomaker (aka "SupercarsOfLondon") is outraged. He labels the cyclist an "utter TOOL" who "sabotages" the driver, and suggests that he's riding illegally.

We don't see it, but we're not intimately familiar with rules of the road in England's capital.

At the end, he notes, "Is the Cyclist think he is a HERO?"

We might suggest that "SupercarsOfLondon" spend some of his outrage on hiring a copy editor.

The rights of supercar owners to do whatever they damn please are clearly his stock in trade.

There's a clip approvingly titled "Loud Supercar Convoy DISTURBS London." Oh, goodie! There's also, "Selfish Photographer ANNOYS Bugatti Owner." Imagine, the horror.

Might we suggest a course on managing that sense of entitlement?

[hat tip: Paul Wallace]


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Comments (71)
  1. To be fair, the cyclist was in the middle of the road so no cars could pass while barely pedaling enough to keep his bike up. The person in the lambo was obnoxious, but the cyclists was inconsiderate and as a result was running of the risk of endangering his safety.

  2. but it was fun watching him on show down mode while the Lambpork driver chickens out...

  3. This is a tough one. From what I know of the Highway Code -- the rulebook that all road users must follow in the U.K. -- the cyclist and the Lamborghini driver could be cited as driving 'without due care and attention'. -- shows the Cycling specific rules.

    In addition, rule number 169 says "Do not hold up a long queue of traffic, especially if you are driving a large or slow-moving vehicle..."

    However, other parts of the Highway Code also advise against revving your engine to harass another road user, displaying excess speed, or overtaking in a dangerous manner.

    I wonder what the Metropolitan Police would say on the matter...

  4. This was sent by a London Metropolitan police officer who wishes to remain anonymous:

    "Not much, I'm afraid. They are far too busy rushing around trying to make their 12-minute response times to 'I' grade (I for 'Immediate' - bit of a contradiction in terms) calls or wasting everyone's time doing stop and search to keep their performance figures up!"

  5. What's more offending than the video is that the video exists at all. I am sure the people of London adore being watched by the police 24-7. Thank god that we don't live under such an oppressive government (yet).

  6. @Randall: You're assuming that this is a CCTV video from one of the tens of thousands of cameras around London. I don't believe that's the case here.

    And while I'm somewhat sympathetic to your views, when's the last time you stepped inside a store, gas station, civic building, or any other largish establishment when you weren't filmed? There are no disclosure rules, so they don't have to tell you--but you may have NO IDEA how many CCTV cameras there are out there in the U.S. today, filming everything you do in public.

  7. Hard to feel good about either actor. The cyclist could have easily accommodated the car with a little thought and effort. And at least the car didn't seem to be speeding.

    But the noise of these vehicles is just applauding. There is nothing worse than a screaming car or motorcycle engine to ruin an otherwise peaceful existence. Too bad that the car is so noisy because otherwise seeing such a beautiful vehicle brightens my day.

  8. So the 2 Arabs with their supercars think they can pay for the damaged done....of course its money that came from hardworking people like us who pay for gas all the time...

  9. How about you keep your anti-Arab prejudice to yourself next time instead? Those two didn't somehow take over global pricing of all petroleum products, of course, but you manage to combine irrationality and prejudice pretty quickly.

  10. The cyclist pulled out and didn't pedal off he blocked the street, anyone would have honked at him. The cyclist was the jerk, the Lamborghini driver was just trying to get down the street. Just because he used engine noise doesn't make this super car a menace to society, cyclists often ride around with a bigger sense of entitlement then cars. In this instance I think you've gone out of your way to criticize super cars John. Look at the cyclist's reaction, he's blocking the road but turns around and gives the Lambo driver a dirty look. You'd get a little ticked off too.

  11. In my opinion the cyclist was wrong. He looked and saw the car coming yet he rode out into the middle of the street anyway and then proceeded to block the street by riding just slow enough so he didn't have to put his feet down to stay up. It doesn't matter what kind of car was being blocked and there was no sense of entitlement evident in the video except that exhibited by the cyclist. In my neighborhood the guy on the bicycle would have likely suffered a beat down for being a jerk.

  12. Because I have a SuperCar and we have to remind everyone, that were it not for cars and taxes, especially gas guzzler tax, there would be no paved roads for bicyclist to behave badly. Since the cars actually create the roads for bicyclists, the least they can do is obey the laws of the road. I see bicyclists running red lights and stop sign all the time and are surprised when they get hit. Plus it is lays the car fault.....go figure. If you put a tax of $100 plus per year for a bicycle license, the cyclists would be outraged. But they maybe could get their own roads with that tax.

  13. You may want to review your history Scott. The Good Roads Campaigns in England and the United States were spearheaded by cyclists in the 1890's and created the basic paved road systems that made the automobile industry possible. New book by Carlton Reid comes out this summer (2013) called 'Roads were not built for cars 'should be a good read and could give you a new perspective on who owes who what for the road sytem we have today.

  14. Sorry Scott, but imagine for a moment that others- like yourself- have both a car (or cars) and a bicycle. What this means is that "they" DO in fact pay for OUR roads.

  15. If it was SF, you should have just said:" Cyclist, Self-Important, Entitled!"

  16. Can we start adding a "gas tax" fee to all cyclists too?

    I think tire tax is still the best way to pay for the road...

  17. Say whaaaat... Tell me that they dont do that in China... Please.

  18. …Xiaolong doesn't live in China. I believe he lives in Georgia or California.

  19. The cyclist was a dick head. He was lucky he didn't get a slap.

  20. Having a look on Google maps, there is a designated cycle lane (you can see the street name Loundes Square SW1 in the background). However, the cyclist it not in this lane and certainly is obstructing traffic.
    I am both a cyclist and a car driver in the UK and in the past have been subjected to inexplicable abuse from car drivers for just being on the road on a bike - so I can understand - but not condone this cyclist's belligerence.
    I would not be surprised if the cyclist is also a car driver, and given the location, a car not unlike the one revving it's engine at him. What is needed in the UK is strict enforcement - there are lots of videos on youtube showing behaviour far worse than this (inc shootings!) & nothing is investigated.

  21. The cyclist deliberately turns out in front of the approaching car. In fact, he seems to be waiting for the car.

    But even without that fact, motorists and cyclists alike have an obligation to share the road. I must confess that I myself (riding my bike to work most days) get pretty annoyed if people obstruct me in traffic out of mere carelessness. The correct way to get out onto the street is to align the bike with the direction of traffic and then climb the bike and go along the bike path.

    Self-policing accomplishes very little - mostly more aggravation.

  22. Notice that there were TWO cameramen? The cyclist was clearly waiting for the supercar with the intention of blocking it. Think about what that means: the car must have been racing through that same street multiple times in order for the cyclist to know it would be there. The friends of the car owner were filming multiple takes of the "fun", and the fact that the two cameramen were still there let the cyclist know the car would be back. The cyclist did the right think. He let them know they weren't going to be able to film anymore takes of their home movie in his neighborhood because he was going to block them if they tried. The cyclist was the hero of the neighborhood. Think about what you are watching before you post an editorial comment.

  23. YES the HERO of the neighborhood!! They knew what kind of serious felon was lurking the streets in their disgusting super car, preying on the weak... They knew he was looking for drugs, or a hookers... The guy on the bike is a vigilante.. no, FREEDOM FIGHTER... freeing the people from the oppressive rich. He's like Robin Hood, only instead of a bow he uses a bike, and instead of stealing money he just steals time!! See I can make crap up that has nothing to do with the video also...

  24. This guy gives cyclists a bad name. How does it help to impede a car which burns a obscene amount of fuel so tat it wastes even more fuel going nowhere fast? The cyclist pulled out into the street in an unsafe manor and blocked the passage of traffic by riding at a dead slow pace. As long as the driver is operating his vehicle in a manor that is safe to both pedestrians and bicyclists there is no reason to behave this way as it only creates animosity between drivers and cyclists with cyclists coming out on the losing end. Not at all smart!

  25. The producer of the vid was right: That arrogant twit cyclist casually pulls out into street, in the middle of the block, and "ambles" along like he owns it. Entitlement mentality indeed, but it wasn't super car driver.

    I do agree that the driver of the super car was wrong to rev his engine; he should have gotten out and smacked the sh!t out of that smug, self-righteous twerp; and after he was suitably subdued, he should have been forcibly made to look around at all the other people using the street.

    BTW, I was a bicycle commuter for most of my adult life - including towing my 2 toddlers to day-care in a kiddie trailer - before lower back problems forced me to give it up. Not in a million years would I have assumed I had plenary ROW.

  26. @Patrick: Really? You seriously advocate that a driver get out and physically attack a person who delayed him for 10 seconds?

    Because such an act would absolutely put the driver in jail for assault.

    Or was that just hyperbole?

    Regardless, remind me to settle far, far away from wherever you live.

  27. time they stage something like a better job....sad.

  28. Hard to say for certain, but it appears that the cyclist was riding exactly where he should be for safety's sake. You should always ride at least 5' from parked cars, which in this street equals the middle of the lane. You are also always supposed to take the middle of the lane if the lane is not wide enough for a car and cycle to travel side by side (Nominally, 14' at 25 MPH).

  29. Wrong! Jason on a street with cars coming give way. No human can keep up they end up blocking the road for everybody. If you are so slow let the other get on their way. A little politeness goes a long way.

  30. Not wrong at all. If you are riding your bicycle at 10 MPH and a car needs to wait until it's safe to pass, then they need to do so. Otherwise, it would not be possible to ride on roads with any amount of motorized vehicular traffic.

    Most states do have a law that requires drivers of slow moving vehicles to pull over when there is a turnout if there are 5 (Some states say 4) or more vehicles backed up behind you that are unable to pass, but that's it.

    The onus of safe passing is ALWAYS on the overtaking vehicle, regardless.

    It's really *trivially* simple to pass a cyclist safely.

  31. the idiot on the bike was wrong.
    he jumped out after he saw the car coming. did it on purpose too.

    That engine noise is just brilliant. should be bottled and sold.

  32. I see ONE person being an asshole. The bicyclist. As usual. Talk about a sense of entitlement, rudeness, lack of consideration, and all around bad behavior. Typical bicycle arrogance.

  33. I don't think I have ever encountered a "supercar" on the road, either as a bicyclist or a driver. I have, however, encountered many bicyclists, who, as others here point out, often interfere unnecessarily with cars. A stopped car, whether it's rated at 13 mpg or 50 mpg, is actually getting 0 mpg. The driver of the sports car here sounds like he may have been an ass (may have been. We don't know how long the bicyclist may have been torturing him), but we know for sure the bicyclist is an ass. Only generalized resentment turns this incident into some kind of lesson about rich people.

  34. @John: I'm curious about the notion of cyclists who "interfere unnecessarily with cars"--as it seems to be a popular belief among drivers who've commented on this site.

    Cyclists may not travel at the same speed as cars on shared roads. Is that interfering?

    If there are no dedicated bike lanes, cyclists are advised NOT to ride at beside cars--very risky--but instead to occupy the center of a car-width space. Many accelerate less quickly than cars. Is that interfering?

    And so forth.

    Just curious to understand whether this is specific behaviors, or a more generalized reluctance among drivers to share the roads with cyclists at all.

    Thanks in advance for providing details.

  35. Cyclists like this area hazard as they do not look or care to look. They do not move over but ride down the middle of a lane and run red lights and stop signs. They tend to act as if only they matter with little regard to laws or others. Its a daily thing in Chicago. yes they are interfering and breaking laws. I would love to see these bike douches ban from using roads and we have dedicated bike lanes.

  36. Cyclists are the exact same problem when they are "king of the road". I almost got ran over by a group of cyclists while on my "environmentally friendly" roller blades. I slipped and fell. While getting back up, I saw a slew of cyclists heading right for me. I crouched and covered my head while they flew by. One of these "environmentally friendly" knuckleheads yelled at me to "get out of their ****ing way". My point of this diatribe is environmentalists are just as self righteous as the Lambo driver. Actually, environmentalists are worse than supercar drivers. Supercar drivers are self indulgent, but they don't spend their time trying to force their will on the rest of us.

  37. Self-Important, Entitled, Angry...exactly the words I'd use to describe baby-boomers.

  38. That looks like a total setup. Camera man ready, cyclist waiting and action! Bogus.

  39. Facts: At least 3 cameramen are involved (check youtube response video), Residential street with pedestrians, car revved engine before cyclist pulled out, Video maker is a fan of fast cars, cyclist waited for this car specifically and slowed down. My hypothesis is this is a staged video for the car, possibly multiple takes, car likely went down the street at high speeds many times to get a good take. Cyclist being annoyed pulled in front at the next take to slow him down, maybe get him to move on. I say shame on the video maker and driver for staging a fast moving car scene in a residential street without a permit or closed streets. Its just stupid and dangerous.

  40. This is a totally staged event. There's another video cameraman at the rear. Clip is Fake. Fake. Fake.

  41. In my opinion, the cyclist is at fault for this altercation. Sure the Lambo-driving-jackass could have reacted better, but can you really blame him? Being mad at someone for owning a better car than you doesnt make you right. As a cyclist I often feel bullied by people in their cars who are just on their way to wherever they are going. Most of the time, no matter what they are driving, those drivers can be found sharing the road with me because they can obviously see that I am struggling just to STAY OUT OF THEIR WAY... Which is the point. I stay out of their way so I CAN SURVIVE to my destination, and they stay out of mine so they don't have to live the rest of their lives knowing they took an innocent life out of frustration.

  42. Bicycle: $300
    Supercar: $1,000,000

    Transportation arguments: priceless

    For everything else, there's a traffic jam. :)

  43. Thats why you need a good old fashion clasic car, with metal bubers, to just plow through

  44. Theyre both idiots

  45. They both looked like total jackasses to me.

    The driver was accelerating aggressively on a street that obviously is meant for slow traffic. The cyclist then pulls out without even looking. So then they both proceed to posture and try to annoy or intimidate each other. The driver revs his engine and the cyclist stops traffic.

  46. What's your problem? If some rich arab sheik wrecked my car and then paid for a new one, i'd have no problem with it. and don't get jealous just because someone is successful enough to afford a super car. if they are not hurting anyone physically and can afford to pay for whatever parking tickets they get, well that's a perk of being rich. park where you want.

  47. @'Crazy Larry': Oh, how sweet, a 12-year-old boy trying to act tough. Adorable.

  48. There is no reason for the cyclist to be blocking the road way. he easily could have looked both way and rode on the side with plenty of space. This anti-social behavior cannot be tolerated. In the future individual transport will increase. New power sources will be developed. Bad behavior is just that.

  49. A cyclist should NEVER ride within 4' of parked cars. Please explain how there is room.

  50. Comment disabled by moderators.

  51. @Donald: Your comment has been deleted because it advocated committing physical violence against individuals.

  52. First, I think the video is staged. A car drives by the cyclist who blithely waits until the supercar comes up the street before pedaling off. Note how the cyclist is kept out of frame to the right to obscure his waiting for the Lambo.

    I've noted cyclists often preach how auto drivers need to share the road and follow the rules. Yet I see cyclists breaking the rules more blatantly than cars - driving through red lights, rolling through stop signs, failing to signal turns, the lot.

    Here in the states I have noticed that they don't seem to get in my way as much when I drive my large American diesel pickup truck. Had this twit cyclist pulled in front of me, the 110db air-horn would have blown him off his saddle. And rightfully so.

  53. If a book were oddly written about this video it would be called "The Tale of two douches"...many cyclist (at least in New York) have an entitled douchey attitude towards the roads that begs for an ass kicking.

  54. Or is the writer of this article trying to be a hero? with an attitude? Instead of wasting time on a matter which happens all too often in Europe and here in North Amerika, why not excoriate the politicians who blatantly burn through other people's money and hydrocarbons while taxing and preaching in the name of conservation?
    It seems no "Green Writer" is willing to take on the hypocrites.
    No, I do not own a "super car". I cycle over 1,500 miles per year and when I have no choice but to drive, I get over 40mpg.

  55. It should have said idiot bicyclists pulls out illegally in front of car. This biker is a prime example of why cities need to either ban bikes or start enforcing laws. bikers do what they want, do not follow laws then when someone like this car who is in the legal right prods them to obey the biker further acts like a jag bag.I hate bikers in the city and love seeing them doored.

  56. I can recall the day when parents were willing to whup their kids' butts for playing in traffic. Apparently, the wisdom of the ages to preserve life, which ends soon enough for each of us in a manner none of us suspects and at a time of God's own choosing, is lost on the current de-generation. Pray the Rosary.

  57. This whole episode looks staged. The cyclist is watching for the car, then pulls out in front of it. Then someone just happens to be there to videotape it? Not real.

  58. are you kidding?? i'm a cyclist but I have to be objective. that is a video of an entitled, obnoxious CYCLIST. he pulled in front of the driver and then stopped. who does that?

  59. I would like to see this re-done with a Kenworth Conventional pulling 65000 lbs. in place of the sports car.

  60. The bicyclist was wrong because he was in a traffic lane. Yes, roadways can be shared, but the bicyclist comes to a complete stop and just stands there. Traffic lanes are not meant for parking...if there's a chance you're obstructing through traffic, get out of the way!

  61. Have you heard the sound of a Lamborghini accelerating, I mean, it sounds absolutely AWSOME!! But regardless, the biker was being an ass. Some people are jealous when another person has something of value, that they would love to own, but can't, for whatever reason. Bet you would not have seen this guy on the bike do this with a bunch of bikers. It's like the people in Walmart who put their carts on one side of the isle, and stand on the other, and dare anyone to say anything. Or walk right out the end of the isle, right in front of you, and you have to yank your cart back to prevent it from hitting them, and they look at you like your the one with a problem! They all could use a nice attitude adjustment, but not in today's world!

  62. video is a fake in my opinion. Why was someone filming that moment if that moment was spontaneous? The biker waited to see the car then puled out slowly into middle of street to block traffic. if the dude drove a camry then whats the point of video. Because he has a car most cant afford he deserves to be jammed up by a cyclist in the middle of the road? If not a fake then dude should learn how to ride his bike in the city or he will get mowed down very soon.

  63. Self-Important, Entitled, Angry are terms that describe the average bicyclist.

  64. Share the road! That cyclist was obnoxious treating the public road as his own property. I don't mind the Lambos rev. I prefer it over a car's horn.

  65. John, this video is titled incorrectly. The cyclist in this clip is the Self-Important, Entitled, Angry one. He pulled out in the middle of the road, blocking this car (which happened to be a high end car) then proceeded to stop before moving out of the way. I would have done the same exact thing thinking "Here's another Self-Important, Entitled, Angry cyclist blocking the road again". It's the same everywhere you go as well, a lot of cyclist have no common decency and simply don't care where or how they bike. Take these self entitled assholes to the highway and see how they do.

  66. Irrespective of which car (or driver) it was, the cyclist stopped the traffic, even if it did consist of just one car, and he also can be seen in the video gingerly coming into the middle of the street out of nowhere. No hand signalling, nothing.

    Then you can see the bicyclist telling the driver off after the driver revs his engine.

    The bicyclist did act like a tool.

  67. And then of course on a test drive video on their landing page of youtube is another brilliant 3rd grade mistake: "photographers even here the V10 coming...."
    Yea, I'd follow that channel for about 12 seconds.

  68. The cyclist is a total jerk. He pulls out in front of the car (doesn't matter what kind of car) and then he just stops…
    What would you think of me as a pedestrian walking out in front of a cyclist on purpose and then just standing there and blocking the cyclist's way? Perhaps on a nice uphill and making the cyclist stop? In the real world I've found more cyclist jerks than super car jerks.

  69. They're both d**** bags. The arrogant cyclist, pulls out without looking (failure to yield)then just crawls down the middle stops right in the middle & sits there(obstructing traffic).
    The Pr** Lambo driver, accelerates quickly down a crowded street, when he has to just about stop, races his engine excessively creating a big noise disturbance, then when he can, races around the cyclist speeds down the street, ignoring the crosswalk (didn't slow down at all).Over acceleration, noise violations,improper passing, Road rage.
    I've seen vids on youtube of some of the holier than thou cyclists, thinking they're above everyone else, but also the self obsessed uber-rich with their toys couldn't care less about anyone else.
    They deserve each other!

  70. There were two assholes in that video, and the bigger one was wearing the funny outfit. That was very bad "bike" behavior just cutting off someone like that, especially when it was completely unnecessary.

  71. this was obviously set up ahead of time - as a cyclist, i have a real problem with ego maniacs who ride the way they want to piss people off, especially ones that don't follow the rules for vehicles such as stop signs and lights. that being said, the problem of privileged and overindulged people who flaunt their expensive cars is dangerous to all, especially cyclists. its fun to see someone who decided to have a good time with one of those highly privileged individuals.

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