Petition For Tesla Motors Direct Sales Crosses 100,000 Signatures

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The fans have spoken: Over 100,000 people have now signed a White House petition asking for Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] to be allowed to sell its cars directly in all fifty states.

Started by one Tesla supporter on June 5, support from across the electric car world piled in with signatures increasing faster and faster over the past week.

The petition required 100,000 signatures in a month--the deadline being this Friday--but as of today more than 105,000 people have signed it.

It concerns auto dealers in some states trying--and succeeding, in some cases--to stop Tesla Motors from selling vehicles direct to customers, contravening some local laws requiring automakers to sell through an independent dealer network.

Tesla argues this would hinder its high levels of personal customer service, with worries an independent dealer with other car makes on its lot may not be as bothered about selling Tesla products.

The wording is quite simple:

We petition the Obama Administration to allow Tesla Motors to sell directly to consumers in all 50 states.

States should not be allowed to prevent Tesla Motors from selling cars directly to customers. The state legislators are trying to unfairly protect automobile dealers in their states from competition. Tesla is providing competition, which is good for consumers.

The petition's popularity got a boost last week when Tesla itself wrote about its fans' efforts--and we're expecting a few thousand more signatures to appear by the time it ends on Friday.

Where the petition goes from there is less certain. Many of the laws Tesla is trying to fight--and the ones auto dealers are trying to establish--are governed at a state level.

What there's no doubt of is just how much support Tesla Motors has behind it--and as is becoming common, it's getting Tesla noticed at the highest levels.


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Comments (19)
  1. I'd vote as well, if I lived in the USA!

  2. Not sure the White House can do anything about it; it's a matter for states and local state laws. But it is understandable why the dealers can not allow this to happen. The precedent is very dangerous; next could be any other car maker. Before you know it, this racket they have going on would disappear. Sure, consumers would benefit and would love it; but too many bribes to politicians would be lost.

  3. hi antony,

    do we know how many of these signatures come from people residing in the states ? or do all of them live here ?

  4. If you look at them, most of them have the city/state of the signer. I know that doesn't answer your question, but you might be able to get an idea of the demographics if you take a peek yourself.

  5. 57 from the usa - 6 had no state.

    even if we assume that these 6 are out of the country, it would mean that 90% are from the states.

    that is pretty good.

  6. on mine (I think I was like #50ish or so?) it lists it as first initial.last name city, state

  7. Everyone who signed it should be prepared to receive a pointless email from Obama's hired man saying thank you and there's nothing the president can do about it. I know, because I've received a couple of them. One of which, wasn't even worded that nice.

  8. very possible - it would sure demonstrate which strings manipulate the president.

  9. The president is powerless on this topic. He can jawbone, but he can't force Congress -- which has car dealers in all 435 districts -- to pass a federal law of dubious legal provenance.

  10. i dont think anyone was expecting a federal law to be passed.

    but the feds have the authority to make it news.

    i still think a small percentage of the population are aware of the protectionist law.

    once aware, the people can force some change.

    also, someone mentioned the feds legalizing "internet" trade - i dont know if they have the ability to do this ?

  11. hi joey,

    from your experience, how long did it take to receive an email from them, after the petition closed ?

  12. If people don't speak up and fight for it, who will? Certainly not the fossil fuel industries. Certainly not all the millions invested, one way or another, in gas-guzzlers. If people don't demand these cars, and cannot buy them directly, the oil-pushers win and the planet loses out.

  13. True. It is painfully obvious that the established automakers do not want to make great Electric vehicles because they are afraid that their customers may actually like them more than the gasoline cars they make. So they make goofy looking range compromised cars that will satisfy the so-called 95% of the public who never drives more than 75 miles in 1 day. Tesla on the Other hand has no conflict of interest and is actually making a great car that just happens to be an electric vehicle. I will consider buying a stylish decent driving range electric vehicle over all these low range compliance EV's from the traditional automakers any day.

  14. Obviously those who started this petition didn't realize that
    the WH has no power to make laws or alter state laws.

  15. it can do some good.

    i dont think musk did what he did for no reason.

    it will be interesting to see how things play out, but remember - publicity is a great way to start.

  16. I support every green action in the US. We deserve a cleaner future!

  17. And not only in the US :)

  18. Don't republicans "claim" to be pro free market?? They should be all over this. ha ha

  19. 110,933 as of 5:18 pm saturday.

    i thought the process ended after friday, but apparently one can still cast a vote - cuz there are a few more signatures now than earlier in the day.

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