Tesla Strikes Deal To Open Superchargers At Five High-End Malls

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Tesla Supercharger obelisk

Tesla Supercharger obelisk

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Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] and CBL & Associates Properties Inc. have struck a deal to put Tesla's fast-charging technology at five malls across the U.S.

Five Supercharger points stations will appear at CBL-owned malls at Gulf Coast Town Center in Fort Myers, FL; The Pavilion at Port Orange in Port Orange, FL; Alamance Crossing in Burlington, NC; CherryVale Mall in Rockford, IL and Imperial Valley in El Centro, CA.

The mall-sited chargers are the latest step in Tesla's efforts to build an electric corridoor across the U.S, allowing Model S owners--and owners of Tesla's future electric vehicles--to embark upon long trips coast-to-coast with little interruption.

While many of the Supercharger stations will be located on highways, the mall locations mean Tesla owners can partake in some retail therapy while their cars charge.

Even a brief 20-minute stop will be enough to deliver half a charge, and while it isn't clear how many chargers will be located at each point, there should be enough for a few owners to charge their cars simultaneously.

Tesla Motors recently unveiled its full expansion plans for the Supercharger network.

From just a handful of stations today, the network will comprise hundreds of stations and thousands of individual chargers by 2015, with wide enough coverage for 98 percent of the U.S. and Canadian population.

Stations will be most frequent on well-traveled routes, with no more than 80-100 miles between the closest stations--well within the range of any Tesla vehicle.

As Jim Ward, CBL's Vice President of Brand Development puts it, Tesla owners will appreciate "the convenience of charging their vehicles at our well-located shopping centers", with shopping, dining and entertainment all available as owners charge.

With more mall locations expected, plus those other chargers, driving a Tesla over any distance will soon require very little compromise indeed.


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Comments (21)
  1. It would also make sense to build in a few J1772 stations at those locations for the little people.

  2. You mean like a DVD-Betamax combo?

  3. Would it really? L2 charging even at 6.6kW would require a few hours to get a decent charge. Perhaps at a movie theater mall?

  4. The superchargers are faster than even L3 Chademo units -- so no, the Teslas will get charged super super fast.... Alas, they work with no other EVs out there, aside from Teslas....

  5. There will very soon be Chevy Spark EVs with the SAE DC Combo fast charger inlet. Do we know that it will take anything more than an adapter to plug that into a super charger? I bet it is only an adapter. Billing might be the only real problem.

  6. I think it's safe to say that Tesla has its own charging protocol that differs from the J1772 standard. Since the model S plug is proprietary, it would be a challenge to crack their code.

  7. I agree. Many local EV drivers will come to a mall to shop. Not all are on extended trips. Charging one's car is a good way to (1) get a good parking place, and (2) use the opportunity to "top off". There will come a day (soon) when L2 charging stations are as common at malls as Frozen Yogurt shops. Might as well get a jump on it, Elon.

  8. There are more comments in this thread
  9. Those superchargers better better come with a valet as well. I think a supercharge is faster than your typical stop to shop at the mall. What happens when someone starts supercharging his/her car and disappears for two hours.

    Some 80A Level 2 charging points make more sense.

  10. A quick google of these locations, show them all to be right off an interstate. Not all highways have rest areas such as the supercharger at the Delaware Welcome Center

  11. Excellent move. These stores will pay for well-heeled customers to be forced to partake of their wares while their car charges.

  12. It is hard to imagine that there is anything "high-end" or "upscale" in El Centro, California. I've been to El Centro, and believe me there is nothing further from "high-end" than El Centro.

  13. Well said, most of those locations aren't exactly "high end". But they are in strategic locations where Tesla owners can get a charge while they are in need.

  14. The only benefit of the one in Rockford is it somewhat near the highway between Chicago and Madison and Minneapolis. I doubt anyone in Rockford even owns a Tesla, and I doubt anyone driving from Chicago to Minneapolis in a Tesla wants to stop by the mall's JC Penny's or Sears in the middle of their road trip. Why Tesla just didn't install dozens of these up and down U.S. highways, I don't know. Unless they just got some really big bucks from the mall owners to plant the chargers there....

  15. Where by "somewhat near" you mean less than 2 minutes off of I-90, where it intersects I-39.

    And the alleged lack of demographic fit is more than addressed by Coldwater Creek, American Eagle, Hollister, Express, The Limited, Loft, Talbots, Victoria's Secret, et al. While the food court seems to suck, it's no worse than what you'd find on most highways and byways in the U.S.A. -- road-trip food.

  16. That said, the headline seems absurd. These are not "high end" malls, at least not on average. They are malls near freeways. They will do fine.

  17. Still, think about it -- you really want to drive off a highway during a trip to visit a Victoria's Secret or American Eagle? An antiques mall or Amish cheese shop perhaps, but.... Oh well, it's certainly better than nothing. If President Obama has any executive authority to do so, perhaps one of the the greatest additions to his legacy would be to issue an executive order mandating the electrification of all U.S. Highways. Each or most rest stops on federal highways should be electrified with L3 and L2 fast charge stations for electric cars, and multiple a/c outlets for truckers to power their cabs without needing to idle. Something to allow coast to coast travel. Even if charge stations must be added in addition to rest stop areas.

  18. I'd be more likely to visit the Auntie Anne's than the antique shop, but differences of opinion are just that...

    As for coast-to-coast travel, Tesla is handling that for Teslas. It would be nice if there was a generic solution and more support for more vehicles, of course no one else is building a long-range EV for sale in the U.S. yet, so charging them is currently irrelevant.

    I'd rather Obama get the long-distance grid upgraded to handle more wind and solar, getting them from where we are good at making them to where they can be well used. But, again, we digress.

  19. I wish Elon all the luck in the world! He's going to need it going up against the fossilized forces that run the world.

  20. Tesla's upgraded 120kW Superchargers give a 200 mile range in 30 min. which is actually about a 75% charge, not half.

  21. Brilliant move on the part of Tesla. They display their cars at malls where customers can place orders, and they are making superchargers available at malls. I foresee the locations receiving charging stations also eventually announcing Tesla showrooms in the future. Great idea for promoting the brand!

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