Garcetti: An EV Fanboy, Now The Mayor-Elect Of Los Angeles

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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti - a long-term electric-car fan

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti - a long-term electric-car fan

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Despite major reductions in air-pollution levels, the Los Angeles basin still has the worst smog problem in the nation.

While you might debate over what exactly is the longer-term solution for reducing that smog, vehicles with internal-combustion engines are still contributing to problem. And it's one geographic case where plugging in makes a lot of sense.

Now, Los Angeles is getting a mayor who has a history of championing electric cars. Mayor-elect Eric Garcetti, who is just 42, was still in his 20s when he was one of the first to drive a General Motors EV1, as well as one of the last to give his up as the automaker reclaimed them from lease.

Garcetti appeared as an environmental policy crusader and EV1 owner in the 2006 documentary Who Killed The Electric Car? [View the video clip below, starting at the 2:25 mark, for then-councilman Garcetti's remarks at the GM EV1 funeral.]

The Los Angeles Times recently described the city's upcoming mayor (as of July 1, 2013) as “very smart, a little wonky, fairly young, kind of hip, someone at ease with power and fame but who likes to drop names.”

Garcetti, who was elected last week, hadn't shied from his revolutionary transportation aims pre-election. Replying to a prod from EV advocate Chelsea Sexton on May 15, he tweeted, “Let's make LA capital of zero-emission vehicles again—13 years driving a zero-emission vehicle and promoting an EV infrastrusture.”

The mayor-elect might be speaking of one other mayoral rivalry—that of several years ago, as San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom and Portland mayor Sam Adams competed for "EV supremacy."

How helpful will it be to have a genuine, long-term electric-vehicle fan in the city hall of one of our largest cities? Let us know what you think in your comments below.


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Comments (8)
  1. It will be very helpful as long as the other elected "representatives" are not hostile to EV's. All it takes is a couple of folks with a real grudge to ruin so much for so many.

  2. He could start by re-implementing the free EV parking at LAX, which expired in March. At a minimum, a reduced rate.

  3. maybe the mayor could push to replace the LA motor pool with EVs and Plug Ins.

  4. Here's what I think the Mayor could do

    1) Require all LA city government buildings have Level 2 EV chargers available immediately.

    2) Require all LA county vehicle to be converted to plug in or EV over 5 years. All new purchases must be Electric in nature (Hybrid, Plug in or EV) that includes trucks, vans, Busses.

    3) change the parking rates so that Electric vehicles get cheaper parking rates at public parking lots.

    4) reduce the city tax on EVs. Let them get cheap registrations, etc.

    5) Have the mayor actively promote this, show up at Auto Dealer ribbon cuts.

    6) Change the building code so new construction requires the capacity for EV charging at new buildings for say 10% of the parking slots.

  5. YES...times a thousand!!

  6. Nice, hope Mayor-elect Eric Garcetti is up to working with governors from CA, OR, WA, & premier-elect from BC. The Westcoast of U.S. is a world leading region of EV adopters. Any political support for increasing the current minimal infrastructure & making EVs more accessible is greatly appreciated.

    Perhaps Garcetti can help encourage the completion of Fast Charger installations for the Los Angeles section of the ? Access to fast chargers are needed more for inner-city regional commutes than long distance travels.

  7. I just read an in depth analysis at IEEE (a real science website)
    and found that electric cars using current day batteries are responsible for as much emissions as a gas powered car that only uses Canadian oil sand derived gas or diesel fuel. That means the EPA claims about emissions are bogus and any tax credits given electric car buyers are completely illegal. We always knew the EPA was corrupt, now we know that it is also very stupid and enforcing illegal regulations. It was also illuminating to read that cars that use aluminum (Tesla) create tons more emissions than those that build with steel. In other words, don't believe anything Tesla Motors say about low emissions of their cars.
    But hey, it sells cars, so what the hey?

  8. @Kent: Ah, hello, we've missed your grousing and ranting. Vacation, perhaps?

    The IEEE article is by an author who has written a book claiming that indeed, electric vehicles are dreadful on that front.

    Interesting you should mention the IEEE, though: It has published other articles on different facets of electric cars that come to rather more optimistic conclusions, and I've never seen you quote a single one. Funny, that.

    Or is the "real science" in those articles not to your liking?

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