Electric-Car Charging Station Locator App Companies To Merge

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Electric-car charging station locations as of May 2013, combined data from Recargo and Xatori

Electric-car charging station locations as of May 2013, combined data from Recargo and Xatori

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Two companies that make apps to let electric-car drivers locate nearby charging stations will merge, they announced today.

Recargo and Xatori will combine their communities and unify their apps, creating a single directory of more than 20,000 charging points across the country.

Recargo currently offers the Station Finder app; Xatori's app is called PlugShare.

The combined company will operate under the Recargo name, but its product will be called PlugShare.

Between the two, electric-car drivers will be able to read more than 30,000 driver reviews of individual charging-station locations.

Information on each site includes its location, how to find it, the specific charging capabilities of the station, and tips on access.

Those reviews include 14,000 photos that help locate the actual station and offer tips on access, routes, adjacent buildings, and other useful information.

Other products to be owned by Recargo include Xatori’s plug-in charging manager GreenCharge and fleet manager ChargeManager, as well as the news site PlugInCars.com and an electric-car research arm known as PlugInsights.

The merger offers "more opportunities to work with larger companies, utilities, automakers, and fleets," said Xatori CEO Forrest North.

But he highlighted the benefits to both companies' users, saying that the "strength and passion of our combined communities will really help accelerate the plug-in revolution."

Recargo CEO Brian Kariger will remain at the head of the combined company, while North will become COO.

Recargo Inc. is now located in Venice, California; Xatori Inc. has its headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

Both offices will remain open after the merger, and all current staff from both companies are staying on, according to the release announcing the merger.

The combined companies issued the infographic below, which looks in detail at their combined data and the current state of electric-car charging stations in the U.S.

Electric-car charging station data infographic, combined May 2013 data from Recargo and Xatori

Electric-car charging station data infographic, combined May 2013 data from Recargo and Xatori

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Comments (7)
  1. I think this is a win!

  2. Plugshare's great strength is that it's network agnostic and crowd sourced. I haven't used Recargo's database, but I welcome its inclusion. My concern from the beginning was that there would be a plethora of charging databases, and this would be a big turn-off when ev's are selling in the multi-tens of thousands. It's good to get the databases consolidated early in the adoption cycle, that way it will be easier to deal with for new ev drivers.

    I used to think that the electric utilities would be the natural platform for the database of charging stations, but I can now see that a private, drivers-eye point-of-view system is much better. Go Plugshare!

  3. The two top EV site aggregators, aggregate :)

  4. So now the EV makers have one less excuse not to incorporate PlugShare into their onboard navigation system, right?

  5. I hope they keep PlugShare's map pins and keep the portion of the display that shows the total amount of stations in the area your currently looking at. Otherwise I have both apps on my iPhone and have found these two apps to be the best. I've driven around to check the locations and have found the information to be accurate.

  6. Great app.....

  7. Tesla 120KW Superchargers: up to 200 miles of range in 30 minutes.

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