Acura NSX Hybrid Supercar To Be Designed, Built Here In U.S.

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The Honda NSX sports car is ingrained into Japanese car culture, but the latest model will be every bit as American as it is Japanese.

Sold under the Acura brand in the U.S, Honda has now announced the new hybrid supercar will be produced at the company's Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio.

Virtually from the start, the new NSX has been an American project.

Honda R&D Americas chief engineer Ted Klaus leads the global team developing the new car, and associate chief engineer at Honda of America, Clement D' Souza, leads the team bringing the car to market in 2015. Much of the design and engineering team is located at Honda's centers in Ohio and Los Angeles, too.

That's quite a contrast to the original NSX. While sold in large numbers in the U.S. back in the 1990s, the vehicle was designed and engineered in Japan. It was also made there, at Honda's Takanezawa plant, and later at the Suzuka facility. Honda later used some of its experience in aluminum construction when it made the first-generation Insight hybrid at the same plant.

You could say all that experience has come full circle, as the new Ohio-built NSX will be the company's first hybrid supercar.

A mid-mounted V-6 will pair with Honda's new Sport Hybrid SH-AWD (Super Handling All Wheel Drive) system, expected to appear in other Acura and Honda models soon--albeit ones using a front-engined format.

Klaus promises the hybrid drivetrain is integral to the new NSX, and the low-down torque of the car's electric motors will make it every bit as responsive as the high-revving original NSX.

There's no release date just yet--although Honda has started taking deposits in the UK--but production of the new NSX is slated to begin in 2015.

Ted Klaus and the original Acura NSX

Ted Klaus and the original Acura NSX

Enlarge Photo

The company says it won't produce the cars in huge numbers, as customers do expect some rarity and a feeling of exotica about such cars--and is unlikely to be offered in a wide range of variants like the Porsche 911.

Klaus also hinted in a recent phone interview that the NSX might not be the last sporty Honda we see over the next few years, and that Honda is working further on its hybrid technology.

Will we see more performance-orientated Honda hybrids in future? Green and performance fans alike will be glad to hear that it's looking likely.

For more on the new Acura NSX, head over to our sister site, Motor Authority.


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Comments (5)
  1. Pedantic nit, but the picture isn't technically of an original (i.e. 1991 or 1992) NSX, though it's obviously also not the new one coming out in 2015. It *is* of either a first- or second-generation NSX since the targa top version shown came out in 1995, and the second-generation began either in 1997 (when the engine was uprated from 270 hp to 290 hp) or 2002 (when the styling switched to fixed headlights rather than pop-up.)

    I have a 2000 NSX (looks a lot like the one in the picture except it's silver) but am I the only person who really prefers the old NSX to the new?

  2. Daniel, good catch, way above my head. A buddy from 5-10 years ago had a 2003 or 2004 NSX and I got to drive it many times. I understand your love of it, but for me, I actually prefer the exterior looks of the new one. If I were choosing it over a $100K+ car, I'd want the new sleek lines and lights, etc...

    But it's not like I still don't find the older NSXs amazing, either. I just generally will take the new technology unless there are huge tradeoffs elsewhere. I actually like the new design but I'm also jealous you have a 2000 version, so enjoy it!

  3. Well spotted Daniel, though it wasn't me who captioned the image :)

    As a big fan of Japanese vehicles and as someone who grew up playing Gran Turismo games, I have to side with you on preferring the old NSX (my own preference would be for the late Type R model) - that said, I love the look of the new one too, and I'm intrigued by the technology as well!

  4. Oh no worries on the caption - my comment was meant to expand on it rather than denigrate it, and the caption is absolutely accurate.

    I'm very intrigued by the technology as well, and interested to see how the hybridization turns out. And I too grew up playing Gran Turismo! Well, the original and GT2, anyway (both on the original PlayStation.) Really sparked my interest in cars.

  5. The red NSX in the picture is 1999 Alex Zanardi Special Edition NSX. Only 50 were made and only sold in US. I have #2, I wonder what number Zanardi is in the picture. this model NSX is 150 lbs lighter than standard model and only came in New Formula Red. In order to make the car lighter than the standard model, it has a non removable roof, manual steering (no EPAS assist) lighter BBS wheels, lighter battery, thinner glass window behind passenger compartment, and lighter rear spoiler. This NSX also has track tuned stiffer springs, dampers, and anti roll bars. It's also a blast to drive!

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