Where Do Green Cars Really Live? California, Yeah, But Then...

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2013 Chevrolet Volt in Santa Monica, California [photo: Chris Williams]

2013 Chevrolet Volt in Santa Monica, California [photo: Chris Williams]

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One or two locations appear time and time again when it comes to electric or hybrid vehicle sales.

If you didn't think California was up there, then you've not been paying much attention. Oregon too--in Portland, the Nissan Leaf actually outsold other Nissan models last month. And of course Lima, Ohio.

What was that last one again?

Ah yes, Lima, Ohio--according to Cars.com's search traffic data (via our sister site, TheCarConnection), people in Lima were actually eighth on the top ten list of those searching for green vehicles.

It's a noteworthy blip on an otherwise pretty standard list of places you'd expect electric, hybrid and other green vehicles to be popular.

The San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose area topped the ten, followed by Monterey and Salinas, San Diego, and Oregon's first entry at number four, Portland. Next up was Eureka, California; Washington D.C; Honolulu, Hawaii; and then Ohio's greenest city at number eight.

Medford and Klamath Falls, Oregon and the Sacramento area rounded out the top ten.

California and Oregon's domination of the top ten is easy to understand. Cars.com's Joe Wiesenfelder explains, "With abundant charging stations, special perks for eco-friendly drivers in some western cities and robust infrastructure, the West Coast is well equipped to cater to the needs of eco-conscious drivers."

It's a situation which has changed little from previous surveys. The Bay Area topped a list of electric and hybrid vehicles back in 2011, too.

In that survey, the East Coast also scored highly. Without data beyond the top ten in Cars.com's latest analysis, it's hard to tell what the next cities might be, though it's fair to assume a few more regions up the West Coast would appear...


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Comments (6)
  1. I'm suprised not to see Florida listed, I see a ton of them in the Tampa area.

  2. Moved out of Tampa 1 year ago. I am NOT surprised any FL city is not listed (let me put it mildly; not the most environmentally friendly or educated population around). But I am surprised about my current home, Seattle, not being up there. I see 5-10 Nissan Leafs per day; a Tesla every other day, more Camry hybrids than regular ones, a ton of Insights, and of course Prius in every corner.

  3. Yes, I'm surprised too, since Eastside Nissan is the number 1 dealer for Nissan Leafs. And City of Seattle was one of the first cities to have an EV fleet. But then we are also the first state to charge EV owners extra for having one.

  4. Green cars are the wave of the future. The environment is not going to get any better on its own, we need to stop up and do something. When you look at how bad we have been doing, and the fact that the population is only growing, it's clear we need to make a change. Because of that, anytime we see someone make progress, like the latest thing with the Green taxis in New York, we should all stand up and applaud.

  5. I guess Arizona cities didn't make the list...

    Surprised that Austin TX and some cities in TN didn't make the list...

  6. its a shame we cant buy any electric car in PR

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